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About Gut Health Tracking & Insights

Do you have frequent indigestion or other gut problems?

Or are you a health-conscious person who wants to elevate your well-being?

The key is to learn to listen to your gut, and the signals that it sends you! Elsavie's gut health tracker helps you do that.

Elsavie is backed by 20 years of scientific research in human gut health and microbiomes. Our app was co-created with scientists and nutrition experts.

What’s in the app for you?

• Prevent or relieve your gut problems with the help of an intuitive poop tracker.
• Feel how staying hydrated benefits your digestion and productivity with a water intake tracker.
• Find the root cause of your gut pain, gasses and bloating with the gut feelings tracker.
• See your progress and tracking history with the calendar and start noticing your digestion patterns.

• The app helps you to be on track: get notifications to drink water, log your gut feelings and track your poop.

• In-app articles cover topics like constipation, diarrhea, healthy digestion, the power of dietary fibers and many more.

• Discover Elsavie's fiber supplements, probiotics and gut health test to prevent or ease digestion problems and boost your immunity.

• We’re currently working on an algorithm that combines and shows all your data in an organized way so you can take actionable steps.

You can sign up in the app to be one of the first to try out the insights feature.

• Your data is protected and securely stored. We never share or sell your personal data.

Your health starts from the inside! Download the app to start tracking and learning!

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

Support: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Elsavie's gut health tracker?

Elsavie's gut health tracker is an app that helps individuals track and monitor their gut health, including symptoms like indigestion and gut problems.

How does Elsavie's gut health tracker help with gut problems?

Elsavie's gut health tracker helps prevent or relieve gut problems by providing features like an intuitive poop tracker, water intake tracker, gut feelings tracker, and calendar to track progress and patterns.

Does Elsavie's gut health tracker provide reminders?

Yes, the app sends notifications to remind users to drink water, log their gut feelings, and track their poop.

What can I learn from Elsavie's gut health tracker?

The app offers in-app articles on topics like constipation, diarrhea, healthy digestion, and the importance of dietary fibers, providing valuable insights and knowledge.

Can I shop for gut health products through the app?

Yes, Elsavie's app allows users to discover and purchase fiber supplements, probiotics, and gut health tests to prevent or ease digestion problems and enhance immunity.

Are there insights available in the app?

Elsavie is currently working on an algorithm to provide organized insights by combining and presenting users' data, enabling them to take actionable steps towards improving their gut health.

Is my data private and secure?

Yes, Elsavie ensures the privacy and security of users' data. Personal data is never shared or sold.

Where can I find the privacy policy, terms of use, and Elsavie's official website?

You can find the privacy policy and terms of use on the following links:

How can I get support for Elsavie's gut health tracker?

For support, you can contact Elsavie at [email protected].

Where can I find Elsavie on social media?

Elsavie can be found on Facebook at and on Instagram at