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About PsychApp – Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attack

PsychApp is an application that includes expert provided information about depression, anxiety, and panic attack which are three important issues we encounter in our daily lives. In addition, it includes tests for each category.

☯ Ad-free version.

☯ It covers depression, anxiety, and panic attack categories.

☯ You can evaluate yourself in each category with different psychological tests.

☯ You will have access to a special 10-day program provided by experts in each category.

☯ You will receive daily tips and suggestions that you can apply about your selected category.

☯ You can set an alarm for daily tips as a reminder.

☯ You can observe your daily mood and your implementation status of the suggestions statistically.

☯ At the end of the 10-day program you will get your general evaluation.

☯ You may easily share your daily tip and your evaluations in social media.

☯ You can change the appearance of the app with different themes you can choose.

☯ You may take daily notes for each day.

☯ Different language options: English, German, Italian, Turkish.

☯ You may see your tips for the previous days.

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