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About Coral

Coral works by giving you a tailored course of lessons, guided exercises and real stories that help you eradicate bedroom boredom, improve performance and increase desire. Achieve your sexual goals, whether that’s to have more and better sex in your relationship or to explore your own sexuality more fully.

We built Coral because we know sex is a fundamental part of human health and happiness, but we don’t treat it that way. You can use Coral on your own or with a partner. It’s time to invest in this part of your life, pleasure guaranteed!

Coral offers annual subscriptions to unlock unlimited access to the whole content library.

. Unlimited access to your personalized journey of expert-vetted content, guided exercises and user stories, with new content added weekly
. Access to your pulse: your weekly sex tracker
. A community of Coral users to discuss your most pressing questions

PLAY: Discover more pleasure and intimacy with solo and partnered exercises
Reflect: Discover your turn-ons: What lights your fire?
Connect: Wholly giving, wholly receiving: Pleasure without obligation
Get Sexy: A novelty challenge: Get out of your comfort zone
Talk: Talk the talk: Discover your dirty talk language

LISTEN: Audio stories from real Coral users

LEARN: Expert-vetted, personalized content for sexual wellness

THE PULSE: Check in on your sex life weekly
Coral’s sex tracker records how you’re feeling each week. Use the journal to keep track of what’s going on in your sex life and why. The longer you use Coral, the more you’ll be able to see patterns emerge and understand why and how your sexuality has developed over time.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

Terms of service:

Privacy policy:

Email [email protected] to reach us!

Instagram @getcoral
Twitter: @learnbettersex

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Coral?

Coral is a platform that provides a tailored course of lessons, guided exercises, and real stories to help you improve your sexual health and happiness.

How does Coral work?

Coral works by offering expert-vetted content, guided exercises, and user stories to help you eradicate bedroom boredom, improve performance, and increase desire.

Can I use Coral by myself or with a partner?

Yes, you can use Coral either on your own or with a partner.

What does Coral offer in its subscriptions?

Coral offers annual subscriptions that unlock unlimited access to the entire content library.

What will I get with a Coral subscription?

With a Coral subscription, you will get unlimited access to personalized content, guided exercises, user stories, a weekly sex tracker, and a community of Coral users to discuss your questions.

What are some examples of exercises offered by Coral?

Coral offers exercises such as Reflect, Connect, Get Sexy, and Talk to help you discover more pleasure and intimacy.

Are there audio stories available on Coral?

Yes, Coral provides audio stories from real users for a more immersive experience.

Does Coral provide expert-vetted content?

Yes, Coral offers expert-vetted, personalized content for sexual wellness.

What is the Pulse feature on Coral?

The Pulse is a weekly sex tracker that records how you're feeling each week. It helps you understand patterns in your sexuality over time.

How can I contact Coral for support?

You can reach Coral by emailing [email protected].

Where can I find more information about Coral's terms and conditions?

You can read Coral's terms of service at

What is Coral's privacy policy?

Coral's privacy policy can be found at

Does Coral have social media accounts?

Yes, Coral can be found on Instagram (@getcoral), Facebook (, and Twitter (@learnbettersex).
Cool app
Larcy Forsyth
I definitely thought this app was gonna be a shot in the dark, but I hit the bullseye. I've never understood myself when it comes to emotions and even more so about my sexual life. I love sex but I know clos...
Haley Michelle
It's a great way to reconnect and help stay connected to myself, and in turn my partner. It has taught me to better feel and in a way see my emotions and sensations.
Brian Riedel
So helpful. I love it.
Jeremy Cone
Customer service was exceptional. I couldn't access my account to cancel my free trial and they refunded me 100% and were very professional and understanding. If customer service is something you pay attenti...
Anna Niemela
Beautiful, thoughtful app! So easy to use, feels very personal.
Sarah Taylor