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About Ferly - sexual self-care

Unwind with our mindful practices, stimulate your brain and body with our sensual stories or take a moment to reflect on what pleasure means to you.

Ferly empowers you to tune in to your own needs and desires. The app helps you understand what you like (and what you wouldn't like). It provides phenomenal content and tools to encourage you to get honest about what your needs are and to learn how to communicate these. That's particularly important when it comes to pleasure!

Our sexuality is an integral part of being human so it's important that we take time out in our crazy lives to explore and connect with it. Yet we don't. No one has ever told us too. We know how to care about our physical and mental well-being but when it comes to our sexual well-being, most of us are in the dark. As a result, we struggle to achieve a pleasurable experience.

This is your journey and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Our community are loving it and we know you will too:

"Just wanted to give you feedback. This app is absolutely amazing! I am discovering pleasure I didn't even know I enjoyed. Intimacy has always been a topic we ignored (my parents never even gave me the talk). So to me pleasure always seemed wrong and "dirty". But honestly this app is really helping me get out of that mindset. Thanks for creating this!" ~Kate

"LOVING THE APP so happy this is coming into the world, no dirty pun intended, so excited to keep listening and watching you evolve xx" ~ Erin

"I've been on a journey of discovery on my own, which is really hard. I'm so grateful to have found Ferly. The app is my personal, private space and the community is really empowering." ~ Celia

What awaits you:
30+ guided practices
Sensual Stories to spark your imagination
Pleasure pick of the day
A new reflection challenge every week
Community poll of the week
Curated sessions that encourage you to challenge those pesky insecurities
Filtered content to suit your environment or mood (commuting, in bed, with a partner, self-pleasure)
Profile section to track your progress
Space to journal - how we feel about pleasure is as important as how we have it!

Guided Practices include:
Body Mapping
Breathe Work
Mindful Play
Guided Fantasy
And so much more

Could you do with intimacy being a little less complicated? Hit that 'Get' button and go lose yourself in Ferly!

If you have any thoughts or feedback we'd love to hear from you at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Ferly?

Ferly is an app that focuses on sexual self-care and empowers individuals to explore their own needs and desires.

How does Ferly help with understanding personal needs and desires?

Ferly provides phenomenal content and tools to encourage individuals to get honest about their needs and learn how to communicate them, particularly when it comes to pleasure.

Why is it important to explore and connect with our sexuality?

Our sexuality is an integral part of being human, and taking time out from our busy lives to explore and connect with it can lead to a more pleasurable experience.

What does Ferly offer in terms of content and features?

Ferly offers 30+ guided practices, sensual stories, a pleasure pick of the day, reflection challenges, community polls, curated sessions, filtered content, a profile section to track progress, and a space to journal.

How do users benefit from using Ferly?

Users benefit from the app by discovering new sources of pleasure, challenging insecurities, and having a personal, private space to explore their sexual well-being.

What do users say about Ferly?

Users have expressed their gratitude for Ferly, with one mentioning how it has helped them overcome a negative mindset about pleasure.

What are some of the guided practices offered by Ferly?

Ferly offers guided practices such as self-distancing, body mapping, breathe work, mindful play, self-pleasure, visualization, guided fantasy, and more.

How can individuals access Ferly?

Individuals can access Ferly by clicking the "Get" button on the app.

How can individuals provide feedback to Ferly?

Individuals can provide feedback to Ferly by emailing [email protected].
Beautifully designed and easy to use!
Joe Jukes
This app has helped me realise how disconnected I have been to my body, and has help get me back on track to feeling confident and sexy in bed. Thanks boo xox
Jacqueline Orthmann
Ferly has changed my life! Having been through some difficult experiences with my body/confidence over the last two years, I was intrigued when I learned about Ferly. It is the best mindfulness sex app out t...
Erin Rimmer