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About Blueheart Therapy

Blueheart is a digital therapy app created by therapists and backed by science. Join the thousands of people who have been given hope that there is a brighter future for their relationship with our personalised therapy plans.

This is your personal experience and we’re here to support and guide you and your partner every step of the way. The app is perfect for parents who might have noticed a change in their relationship since having little ones. This is completely normal and using our science-based techniques, we’ll help you get back on track.

87% of people see positive results with themselves and their relationship after 10 days

As seen in the BBC, Cosmopolitan, Independent, Marie Claire, Metro.

Topics you’ll work on:
- Increasing intimacy
- Deepening connections
- Improving communication
- Body confidence
- (For parents) Reconnecting after children
- Managing distractions
- Exploring sexual fantasies
- Resparking connection
- Different types of touch

How the app works:
Assessment: You’ll complete a short assessment based on the problems you’re facing.
Personalised Plan: From this, we’ll create a personalised plan. Your personal plan's sole aim is to help you and your partner through your journey. So whether your aim is to increase intimacy, deepen connections or help with body confidence troubles, we’ve got you. Your smart plan understands your situation & updates as you go to suit your changing needs.
Sensate Focus: An important technique you’re going to learn during your Blueheart Plan is called ‘Sensate Focus’. Tried, tested, and backed by science, sensate focus has been used by therapists for decades to help thousands of people overcome sexual challenges.
Therapist Call: We also give you the option to have a free chat with one of our in-house therapists if you need someone.
In-app library: Our library is a trustworthy resource to learn about the latest information on how to have a happy and healthy sexual relationship.

We're always happy to hear from you and want to support you on your journey. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Blueheart Therapy?

Blueheart Therapy is a digital therapy app created by therapists and supported by science, aimed at helping people improve their relationships through personalised therapy plans.

Who is Blueheart Therapy for?

Blueheart Therapy is perfect for parents who have noticed changes in their relationship since having children, but it is suitable for anyone looking to improve their relationship.

How effective is Blueheart Therapy?

87% of people see positive results in themselves and their relationship after using Blueheart Therapy for 10 days.

What topics are covered in Blueheart Therapy?

Blueheart Therapy covers topics such as increasing intimacy, deepening connections, improving communication, body confidence, reconnecting after children (for parents), managing distractions, exploring sexual fantasies, resparking connection, and different types of touch.

How does the app work?

The app starts with a short assessment based on the problems you're facing. From there, a personalised plan is created to address your specific needs. The app also includes a technique called "Sensate Focus" and offers the option to chat with an in-house therapist. In addition, there is an in-app library with information on having a happy and healthy sexual relationship.

How can I contact Blueheart Therapy for support?

You can contact Blueheart Therapy at [email protected] for any assistance or support you may need on your journey.
A very thoughtful app that supported me through a tricky time.
Bethan Kwaterski
I was really enjoying this app and was really helping me with my issues but i can't access any content i had before it updated. There is only library material which I'm not really interested in. Please advis...
jaxx shearer
Like many others, I downloaded after seeing Blueheart mentioned in a BBC article. I really like the idea behind the app and what they're trying to do. The approach seems to be mindfulness-based and I look fo...
Julian Green
I did not receive the verification code on my email I'd. So i couldn't use it. I read about you on bbc. Congratulations on your good effort. Thank you.
Adeel Khan
This therapy-based app has genuinely helped improve my life. The sessions are really accessible and help make lasting change. My partner and I are so pleased we found this app!
Saxony Goodwin