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About Kindu - Romantic Ideas

Kindu empowers couples to explore their intimate desires allowing the discovery of countless romantic date ideas, bedroom activities and more. Our match system ensures that you can communicate privately and confidently. Surprise each other. Begin an adventure with Kindu.

Here's what the press is saying about Kindu:

"If part of heating up your relationship involves bringing some excitement into the bedroom, then Kindu is a great ice breaker."
-9 Apps to Keep Couples Hot-

"This app is great. It started some fun (and funny) conversations with my wife. Now I know we're both getting frisky in a gondola"
- 3 Apps That Spice Up Your Love Life-

"Kindu is the ultimate app for exploring your sexuality with your partner"
- Top 10 Apps for Couples-

"Feeling Kinky but too shy to bring it up with your sexual partner? This app lets you float the idea by them without worrying about being rejected"
- Five Apps for Couples Who Can't Get Enough of Each Other- Yahoo News

"The platform offers thousands of sexy and intimacy-building prompts that couples can follow to explore their relationships."

-The Kindu App Encourages Couples to Build Intimacy Through Sexy Questions & Provocative Activities-

Our mission with Kindu is to help couples:
-Improve the intimacy of your relationship
-Learn fun new things to do with your partner in and out of the bedroom
-Discover more about your partner's desires
-Discuss your relationship in a safer sex positive way.
-Laugh together more often by offering lighthearted approach to romance and sexuality.
-Begin an exciting adventure with your partner.



-Over 1000 romantic relationship ideas.

-Double-blind match system that allows couples to only see matches they agree on.

-Passcode protection

-Unlimited updates

-Use on two separate devices

-Favorite option to allow you to star favorites and create favorite list

-Wildcard feature to allow you to anonymously submit your own ideas to your partner

-Anonymous accounts with no identifying data stored

-Inapp purchases that allow you to buy more adventurous content as well as well as immediate access to delayed free content.


In case you're curious: KINDU was created by a group of doctors who were inspired by a sexual health class in med school. The class was meant to expose us straight-laced medical students to the full spectrum of human sexuality. We learned about fetishes, bondage and discipline, vibrators as well as about sex toys, sex positions, low libid, erectile dysfunction etc. You should have seen us blush!

We were fascinated and embarrassed at the same time. This made us realize the delicate nature of desire. We first developed KINDU as a hobby back in 2008. After further research, we discovered that intimacy is crucial to a healthy love life. The purpose behind our app became more about connection, communication, novelty, and fun.

With KINDU, we strive to promote a love-positive lifestyle. Love is love and we wholeheartedly support the LGBT community. KINDU is meant to incorporate the whole spectrum of what couples do. There will be some ideas you may not try in a million years, but there are other couples who want to do those same things a million times. We ask you keep an open mind and an open heart.

The KINDU team

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Kindu?

Kindu is an app that empowers couples to explore their intimate desires and discover countless romantic date ideas and bedroom activities.

What do press outlets say about Kindu?

Press outlets describe Kindu as a great ice breaker for couples looking to bring excitement into the bedroom, the ultimate app for exploring sexuality with your partner, a way to float kinky ideas without worrying about rejection, and a platform that offers thousands of sexy and intimacy-building prompts for couples.

What is the mission of Kindu?

The mission of Kindu is to help couples improve the intimacy of their relationship, learn new things to do with their partner, discover more about their partner's desires, discuss their relationship in a safer sex-positive way, laugh together more often, and begin an exciting adventure together.

What are the features of Kindu?

The features of Kindu include over 1000 romantic relationship ideas, a double-blind match system, passcode protection, unlimited updates, the ability to use on two separate devices, a favorite option to create a favorite list, a wildcard feature to anonymously submit ideas to your partner, anonymous accounts with no identifying data stored, and in-app purchases for more adventurous content.

Who created Kindu?

Kindu was created by a group of doctors who were inspired by a sexual health class in med school. They realized the delicate nature of desire and developed the app to promote connection, communication, novelty, and fun in relationships.

Does Kindu support the LGBT community?

Yes, Kindu supports the LGBT community and aims to incorporate the whole spectrum of what couples do. They ask users to keep an open mind and an open heart.
What a genius concept for an app
Matthew Thomson
Neat way to connect with a spouse or SO. The premium content is hit or miss, but we've mostly enjoyed the few packs we purchased. The free ones are consistently good though.
Jeremy Shulse
anisha elango
Cody Morris
This has been really fun for me and my boyfriend
Mandy Wells
Really thought the app brought some extra love and fun into our relationship. Just by doing the questions together was enough!!! Didn't understand why there's so many reviews about kindu loading forever. Min...
chin wah john Tan