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About PleaseMe - Game For Couples

PleaseMe is a kinky game for couples, which is going to stretch your limits! Get involved in a fiery adventure through kinky challenges, which is going to make you heat things up slowly, before attaining ultimate pleasure


With the couple game PleaseMe, you’re in for a personalized sensual experience! Before beginning the game, you are the one who gets to choose, which categories you wish to play. The application has more than a dozen categories, to satisfy all your unfulfilled needs and fantasies. A unique opportunity to explore new horizons, in bed


In this romantic application, check out a series of kinky questions, written with great care by our team. Defy yourself through hot challenges and get involved in unprecedented practices! Put aside your old Kamasutra book, PleaseMe takes care of it all


PleaseMe the naughty game for couples, takes you towards a sensual and thrilling experience. Begin the game with gentle bets and challenges, before gradually heating things up, until mutual extasy.
PleaseMe adapts to your desires and needs, to make you experience an unforgettable moment.


PleaseMe regularly offers new content by adding new kinky bets and challenges but also adds new game categories. Don’t hesitate telling us through comments, the categories which might be of interest to you in the future

In fact, we are already working on the next application update, which will contain a whole new feature: kinky scenarios!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is PleaseMe?

PleaseMe is a kinky game for couples that pushes boundaries and adds excitement to your relationship.

How does PleaseMe personalize the experience?

With PleaseMe, you have the option to choose from a variety of categories to cater to your specific desires and fantasies.

What kind of challenges are included in PleaseMe?

PleaseMe offers a range of kinky dares and challenges to spice things up and take your intimacy to new heights.

Can PleaseMe be used for foreplay?

Yes, PleaseMe starts with gentle bets and challenges, gradually building up the intensity towards a thrilling and sensual experience.

Does PleaseMe offer new content?

Yes, PleaseMe regularly updates its content by adding new kinky bets, challenges, and even new game categories based on user feedback and preferences.

Are there any upcoming features for PleaseMe?

Yes, PleaseMe is currently working on a new application update that will introduce kinky scenarios for an even more immersive experience.