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About Lovewick - Couples App

Whether you’ve been together 5 months or 15 years, feel more connected, valued, and adventurous with Lovewick’s personalized question game, date ideas, and research-based relationship goals.

With Lovewick, you and your partner can:

* Explore topics related to interests, values, family, money, and sex through the Discovery Card question game
* Unlock ideas of new things to do with and for each other
* Set and track Relationship Goals to continue growing together
* Reflect and build mindfulness into your relationship through Pulse Journaling

Lovewick is rooted in decades of expert research but designed for modern love. The app is based on the latest academic research on what makes couples happy, as well as countless interviews with real, diverse couples to understand day-to-day joys and challenges.

Folks in relationships generally want to:

* Communicate better
* Create more opportunities for excitement
* Never stop learning about each other
* Modify harmful patterns and behaviors
* Feel appreciated and cultivate gratitude
* Recognize non-obvious factors that may influence the relationship

Lovewick helps you in all these areas and is also tailored to your unique relationship. At different stages or phases of the relationship, you likely have different priorities! Lovewick grows with you.

* New relationship? Explore each other’s past experiences and hopes for the future without it feeling too serious and full-on
* Long-distance? Go beyond, “How was your day?” on your video calls to deepen your connection
* Engaged? Build habits to support a successful marriage
* New parents? “Babyproof” your relationship with moments of meaningful connection, despite being generally exhausted and all-consumed by your precious little one
* Married or been together for many years? Remind yourselves that you don’t know everything about each other (and that’s a good thing!). There’s always something new to learn or try together
* In any of these scenarios, if you are in an intercultural, interracial, interfaith, or LGBTQ+ relationship, there can be unique challenges and opportunities to embrace

We’ve designed Lovewick to be flexible, inclusive, trustworthy, and impactful. It’s not therapy, but it also isn’t just for fun. It’s relationship science and stories from real couples distilled into tools to help you make your love last, beyond the match. This is just the beginning, so we’d love to hear how we can make Lovewick more valuable and, ultimately, fun!

Contact us anytime at [email protected]. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can you do with Lovewick?

With Lovewick, you can explore topics through the Discovery Card question game, unlock new date ideas, set and track Relationship Goals, and build mindfulness through Pulse Journaling.

How is Lovewick designed for modern love?

Lovewick is rooted in expert research on what makes couples happy and incorporates insights from real couples. It is tailored to different stages and phases of relationships, making it flexible and inclusive.

What are some common goals of people in relationships?

People in relationships generally want to communicate better, create excitement, learn about each other, change harmful patterns, feel appreciated, and understand non-obvious factors that influence the relationship.

How does Lovewick help in these areas?

Lovewick provides tools and features to address these goals. It helps improve communication, suggests new activities, facilitates learning about each other, supports behavior modification, fosters gratitude, and recognizes unique challenges and opportunities.

How does Lovewick cater to different stages of relationships?

Lovewick adapts to different relationship stages. It allows new couples to explore each other's experiences, helps long-distance couples deepen their connection, supports engaged couples in building successful marriage habits, assists new parents in maintaining meaningful connection, and encourages couples in long-term relationships to keep learning and trying new things together.

Is Lovewick suitable for intercultural, interracial, interfaith, or LGBTQ+ relationships?

Yes, Lovewick is designed to be inclusive and embraces the unique challenges and opportunities that come with intercultural, interracial, interfaith, or LGBTQ+ relationships.

What is Lovewick's purpose?

Lovewick is a tool that combines relationship science and real stories from couples. It is not therapy, but it provides valuable tools to help couples make their love last. Lovewick aims to be flexible, inclusive, trustworthy, and impactful.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions for Lovewick?

You can contact Lovewick at [email protected]. They welcome any feedback to make the app more valuable and enjoyable. Thank you for being a part of their journey!