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About Tinto: the community for mums and parenting advice

Get the parenting advice you need, at the right time, from the right person. Tinto is your personal support network – powered by science, with you through motherhood.

“Tinto: new social app uses AI to match up like-minded mums for support.” – Evening Standard


You won’t just meet other mums, on Tinto you can:

– Ask a mum who’s been there before
– Talk to health and wellbeing experts
– Take our parenting personality quiz
– Coach yourself to realise goals
– Browse the library of parenting tips

*Ask a mum*

Get baby tips from a mother who knows what to do. Our smart AI matches you to mothers who have walked a mile in your shoes. Lactation, fertility, postnatal depression – anything goes, there is no wrong question. And chats are 1:1 secure and confidential.

*Ask an expert*

Connect with leading women’s health specialists. Our midwives, counsellors and physios know what to do. Book a consultation (the first one’s on us) and get professional advice on feeding, prenatal exercise, mental health – whatever it is you need.

*Learn about yourself*

Motherhood is personal. Our science-backed personality quiz paints a picture of your parenting style, learned behaviours, and opportunities for self care and growth. An upholder’s approach to parenthood may differ wildly from a me-timer’s. Which are you?

*Coach yourself*

Your chats with mothers and experts – along with reading advice in the Tinto library – give the chance to reflect and set goals. Family, career or wellbeing goals. And coming soon… our AI digital coach, Ask Tinto, gives you personalised guidance on being a parent.



… Tinto mums look out for each other. The app supports our community, but it’s the people who make it feel like a real family support network. Search by tags, likes or names to meet other women. Mums are waiting to chat with like-minded upholders, pregnant mums, yogis – whoever you are.

… Like all the best communities, it’s about give and take. If another mum’s interests and experiences match yours, we might send you their question. Do your best to offer support by answering their questions. Your baby advice might be just what someone needs that day. Which leads us to…


... Our archives are stacked with articles written by mums and experts. It’s a place to share stories and learn from each other.

… Mums-to-be can learn about each trimester of their pregnancy, prenatal exercise, how to deal with infertility and family pressures.

… Feeding advice is there for women who breastfeed or bottle feed their baby, from pumping breastmilk to attitudes around feeding in public.

… How about nutrition as your children grow? Get feeding tips for weaning, playdates and your overall family health.

… As your body changes, we’ll help you look out for pre menopausal signs and understand the hormonal changes that menopause brings.



Dr Hannah Allen was alarmed by the number of pregnant women and new mums coming to her clinic for help.

Idia Elsmore Dodsworth felt low and alone in motherhood, when she ‘should’ have been thriving.

Together, they created Tinto to nurture women through modern motherhood. So mums can support each other through meaningful connection and proactive, personalised guidance.


“Just to know that I can ask as many questions about my pregnancy as I want, when I want, makes me feel very reassured as an expectant first time mum.” – Charlotte

“The quick responses and the fact that they paired me with someone like minded meant it was so meaningful and actually helped, unlike so many more generic support offerings.” – Jilly

“I LOVED the profiling at the start, truthfully I was surprised how accurate it was. Mine said to consider nurturing a growth mindset in my child as I’m 100% upholder. This is something I’m so interested in and really committed to trying.” – Sarah

Fabulous app, an essential for all mothers.
Claire Mansell
Tinto has been such a help, especially this year! It is really useful to be able to reach out to like minded mums for advice and solidarity
Niamh Whatmough
Very useful app for parents to get help and advice from experts and other like minded parents with a similar parenting philosophy.
Nchedo Uzokwe