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About MamaZen: Moms Meditation & Mindfulness

MamaZen is a mindfulness app for motherhood. Our state of the art relaxing Mindpower Audio Sessions™ merge meditation, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness techniques are guaranteed to relax your body and put your mind at ease.
After each session, you'll instantly feel less anxious, more energized, calmer, and happier. Not only will you benefit, but your children and family will, too. We believe, and know, that a happier mom means a happier, more loving household.
Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury or something to push to the side - it’s essential. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

How MamaZen Benefits You
• Help you feel much happier, MORE PATIENT, and more like your true self
• Better-behaved children who are calmer and happier
• A calmer, happier, more loving household environment
• Experience less stress, anxiety, and overwhelming feelings
• Actually enjoy your motherhood journey
• Feel more confident and IN CONTROL of your emotions
• Have more compassion in your day-to-day interactions

How MamaZen Benefits Your Kids
•Your children will also reap the same benefits, feeling happier and less stressed. If you’re calmer and happier, your kids will grow up to be the same.
•Seeing you happy will boost their happiness and confidence, they will trust you more and act out less.

How MamaZen Benefits Your Partner
• You and your partner are in this together. With Dad’s Zone and Couples • Sessions, you can unlock the peaceful parenting bliss you’ve always dreamed of.
• Grow with your husband, partner, boyfriend, or significant other
• Reduce stress and resolve parental conflict easier
• Relax, tune in together and strengthen your relationship
• Cultivate a peaceful and calm household & family

How Does MamaZen Work?
1) Get comfortable, lie down, and put your headphones on. Think about what you’d like to work on.
2) Select the Mindpower Session you want to play. We combine the best of hypnotherapy, meditation, and mindfulness to bring you powerful, life-changing sessions.
4) Tap play, close your eyes, and experience life-changing shifts!
Too busy to meditate every day? No problem. You don’t need to listen to our Mindpower Sessions™ every day. Your family will benefit from you using them just once or twice a week, as the effects are long-lasting.

Sessions Designed For All Issues
• Develop More Patience and Reduce Anger
• Overcome Anxiety and Overwhelm
• Increase Self-Esteem, Self-Love, and Self-Acceptance
• Connect With Compassion and Empathy
• De-Stress from Your Day
• Recognize and Eliminate Emotional Eating
• Crush Sugar Cravings
• Visualize Weight Loss
• Motivate Yourself to Move
• Reduce Physical Pain & Discomfort
• Boost Your Body Image
• Stimulate Your Sexuality & Intimacy
• Deep & Rejuvenating Sleep
• And more!

7 Minute Emergency Sessions
Feel like you’re about to explode? Keep your head on, we got you covered momma.
Our 7 Minute Emergency Sessions are specifically designed to provide the shortest yet most effective audio relaxation experience when you need it most.
Whether you’re feeling aggravated, stressed, overworked, bombarded, or on the verge of a mental breakdown ー you can count on an emergency session to pull you through it.

MamaZen will help you reach your ideal self
• Be relaxed and calm as you go about your day
• Be confident as a mother and as an individual
• Be happy, fulfilled and connected to yourself, your family and children
• Be at ease & at peace

Say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and guilt. Download the app today and start your journey to a calmer, happier, and stress-free state of mind!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is MamaZen?

MamaZen is a mindfulness app for motherhood that combines meditation, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness techniques to help moms relax their body and mind.

How does MamaZen benefit moms?

MamaZen helps moms feel happier, more patient, and in control of their emotions. It also reduces stress and anxiety, allowing moms to enjoy their motherhood journey and have more compassion in their day-to-day interactions.

How does MamaZen benefit children?

When moms use MamaZen and experience the benefits, their children also become happier and less stressed. Seeing their mom happy boosts their own happiness and confidence, leading to better-behaved children.

How does MamaZen benefit partners?

MamaZen offers Dad's Zone and Couples Sessions, allowing partners to unlock peaceful parenting bliss and reduce stress and parental conflicts. It also helps strengthen relationships and cultivate a peaceful and calm household and family.

How does MamaZen work?

To use MamaZen, you simply need to get comfortable, put your headphones on, select a Mindpower Session, and close your eyes. The combination of hypnotherapy, meditation, and mindfulness in the sessions brings powerful, life-changing shifts.

How often should I use MamaZen?

You don't need to use MamaZen every day. Just once or twice a week can have long-lasting effects on you and your family.

What issues can MamaZen sessions help with?

MamaZen offers sessions for various issues, such as developing patience, reducing anger, overcoming anxiety, increasing self-esteem, connecting with compassion, de-stressing, and improving sleep, among others.

What are MamaZen's 7 Minute Emergency Sessions?

MamaZen's 7 Minute Emergency Sessions are designed to provide a quick and effective relaxation experience when you're feeling overwhelmed or on the verge of a mental breakdown. They help you stay calm and composed in challenging moments.

What benefits can I expect from using MamaZen?

Using MamaZen can help you reach your ideal self by being relaxed, calm, and confident as you go about your day. It allows you to feel happy, fulfilled, and connected to yourself, your family, and your children. You can say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and guilt.

How can I get MamaZen?

You can download the MamaZen app today and start your journey to a calmer, happier, and stress-free state of mind.
Worth every penny! What does a mom want?? Some peace of mind and to be happy. It seems like everyone in the world has anxiety and depression nowadays. I just want to be more in control of my emotions. In an ...
Elsie Beckman
As a mom of 3 who struggles with anxiety even in the best of times, I decided to try this app out to deal with the stress of the having the kids at home 24/7. I am learning how to control my anxiety for the ...
Blanca Christensen
What a wonderful app for moms!! I really like this app for several reasons. The first being that I get sessions recommended to me and my challenges. Also, you can update your goals and choose other things to...
Colleen Banta
Thankful and learning each day to be a calmer mom! I needed something to help when I was anxious as well something to help me relax. The time I meditate is my time to focus, to breathe and to just be in the ...
Pepar Pots
Love, love, love!! I absolutely love this app. I’m a Christian and a mother of 2. Previous meditation experiences have made me so uncomfortable because they ask me to recite something or meditate on somethin...
Helen McCallum
I would rate this app 10 stars!! I love this app and used already 5 different sessions. My mind was always foggy and cluttered and I would forget everything, but since I started using this app 3-4 per week a...
Beverly Gonzalez