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About Parents

Meaningful moments

Share meaningful moments with your family, meet like-minded parents and learn how to be the best mommy and daddy you can be.


1. Community
Explore photos, videos and stories from other parents with kids the same age as yours, and check out our carefully curated list of events and experiences for you and your children to enjoy together.

Episode of the day: Every day we publish a short, up to 10-minute video that can offer you powerful insights and help you answer important questions in order to overcome some of the everyday challenges of being a parent.

2. Family
Share photos, videos, and stories of you and your children with other family members knowing that everything you share is 100% private.

3. Journal
Create your timeline of meaningful moments with photos, videos and stories starring your kids, from birth (or even before) until the moment they leave your home.

You only share you Journal with your Life Partner.

4. Parenting
Premium content on how to master the challenges parents face every day and to make sure you offer your children the best start in life.

We believe that such a wonderfully unique experience as being a parent, deserves its own app. For over 10 years, our team has helped tens of thousands of parents become the best versions of themselves, and raise their children to one day become physically, mentally and emotionally balanced adults. Of course, there are other apps out there, apps we love to use ourselves, apps that help you share photos, and stories with your friends and family. But, it can be difficult to set them up and use them so that you only share the most meaningful moments of you and your baby, with your family and your family alone. This is why most parents (us included) won’t even bother with it. So you end up either over-sharing with everybody, or under sharing with the people you care about most.

This is where Parents comes in.

Parents was built from the ground up to enable you to easily:

- CONNECT with parents who have kids the same age as yours. This is your world as a parent. Here you can connect with other parents who share your joys, as well as your challenges. It can be helpful, reassuring, therapeutic and exciting.

- SHARE meaningful moments with your family. On apps like Facebook and Instagram, it can be awkward to not have even distant relatives as friends. With Parents, you can invite whomever you like without it being awkward. Your family can be as small as just you and your life partner, or as big as grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and everyone in between. You decide. And once you do, you can rest assured that only they will see what you share. No one else.

- KEEP a photo journal of all the special moments - your wedding, the birth of your child, their first step, their first word, when you taught them how to swim, or how to ride a bike. A timeline that you can curate and then enjoy as often as you like, even with your children, as they grow older.

- LEARN how to answer difficult questions and overcome the challenges of parenthood. You learn how to drive. You learn how to be a good professional and be good at your job. And, you continue to learn and adapt to the challenges life offers. Why would parenting be any different? In order to be a good parent, you need to learn. We believe everyone can be a great parent, and raise awesome kids. And, we’ve created premium programs to help you achieve that.

Thank you,

Urania Cremene
Mother and Author of All About Parenting

Really useful app! I love the bonus parenting videos too
Antonia S