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About Safe365❗Eldercare App, Routines, Locator and more

Safe365 is an app designed to take care of your parents, grandparents and older relatives. When you need some extra help in their care, Safe365 can lend you a hand. Just download it for free and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family is doing great.

How does Safe365 work?

Joining Safe365 is easy, and we will accompany you all the way:

1. Download the app for free
2. Verify your mobile phone number
3. Add your parents, grandparents, and other relatives as family members in Safe365.
4. They’ll receive a link to download the app on their mobile phones.
5. Your relatives must agree to share their activity. Without their consent, Safe365 won’t let you interact with them.
6. You're ready! You can now help, protect, and take care of your elders.

Why choose Safe365?

✓ Closer to your family

At Safe365, we believe that family is the most important thing. But we also know that our day to day is overwhelmed by a thousand pending things and often we don't have enough time to dedicate to our elders. This is why we provide a service to take care, protect, and create family ties with your elders from a distance.

✓ We adapt to your needs (coming soon)

To make it easier for your elders, you have two ways of visualizing our app: a complete view and a simplified one. You choose!

✓ Make your elder's heart light up (coming soon)

What if we share these significant moments with the ones we love the most? We offer you an easy and simple way to connect with your loved ones, whether it’s through a visit, a call, or simply by sharing your best photos and videos. Thanks to Safe365 you can make your grandparents enjoy your best adventures.

✓ Locate your family members at any time

With our real-time GPS locator, you can protect your elders no matter where you are. Believe it or not, knowing where they are in case they have any problem will give you peace of mind.

✓ Get a personalized window into their well-being

To guarantee the well-being of your elders, you can verify that their safety, health, and happiness are at their best through a personalized dashboard. Does your grandmother feel a little sad today? Send her a picture of you to increase her happiness.

✓ Your elders will receive alerts and reminders

Send daily reminders to your elders and make sure they accomplish all scheduled routines (physical activity, medication, doctor's appointments, ...). Does your grandfather often forget to take his medicine? Send him a reminder with Safe365.

✓ Discover near eldercare services straight from your mobile phone

We know that our elders have many needs that's why we provide you with a space where you’ll find the best eldercare options for your loved ones. Benefit from promotions and discounts available only for Safe365 users!

✓ Receive emergency alerts

If some problems arise, your elders can press our emergency button. In Spain and Andorra, this button is directly connected to the region's emergency services (112, RACC, Fire fighters) who will mobilize all the necessary resources according to the person's location. For other countries, the emergency button directly sends an alert to family members.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us, so you can always reach us through the 'Contact us' section within the app or by clicking on the 'Help' button at Join the Safe365 community!

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