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About Parental Control App

Parental Control App makes parenting easier with daily screen time limits, app monitoring, including app blocking, kid tracking, family mode, porn blocking and more.

- Screen time blocker: Automatically blocks the device once the set time is reached
- Family Parental Control & Family mode: Tracks and controls what your kid accesses on the internet including delicate content and an adult content filter
- Family locator GPS tracker: Tracks your kid's phone and sends you the GPS location

Start by downloading the Parental Control App onto your device. Then download the Parental Control Kids App companion app onto your kid’s devices. Together, these apps allow you to seamlessly manage your kid’s daily screen time allowance on all linked mobile and tablet devices across Android and iOS.

Parental Control Free app (1 supervised device)

✓ Set and manage daily screen time limits with screen time blocker
✓ Block websites or categories (games, gambling, porn)
✓ Website search and app monitoring
✓ Safe search to block adult or porn sites
✓ Unsupported browser blocking
✓ Advanced reporting (7-day history)
✓ Alerts for Family locator mode, GPS tracker, screen time blocker

Parental Control Premium App (5, 10 or 15 supervised devices)

Enjoy everything you get in the free Parental Control App, plus:

✓ YouTube monitoring
✓ Family locator geolocation tracker
✓ App blocker (block by app, not just category)
✓ 30-day screen time history reporting
✓ Priority Parental Control support
✓ Priority access to new features
✓ Link more devices for full family mode & family locator
✓ Install to monitor screen time on any other iOS or Android device

How to protect, block & monitor screen time with Parental Control App:
1 – First download Parental Control App onto your device (usually your mobile phone) and create an account or log in
2 – Then install the Parental Control Kids App on the kid device you want to supervise
3 – Log in and follow the quick setup instructions
4 – Once done, inappropriate websites will be blocked automatically
5 – To monitor activity and screen time, use this Parental Control App on a parent device

Our FAQ:
• Does Parental Control App work on other platforms besides Android? Parental Control can protect iOS and Android mobile devices.
• What languages do you support? Parental Control is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese and Chinese.

For support, contact us here: and [email protected]

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This will prevent a user from uninstalling Parental Control Kids App without your knowledge.

This app uses Accessibility services to build an excellent device experience that helps users with behavioral disabilities set appropriate levels of access and monitor screen time, web content and apps, in order to limit risks and enjoy life.

Troubleshooting notes:
Huawei devices owners: Battery-saving mode needs to be disabled for Parental Control Kids App.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can the Parental Control App do?

The Parental Control App can set daily screen time limits, monitor and block apps, track your kid's location, block inappropriate content, and more.

How does the screen time blocker work?

The screen time blocker automatically blocks the device once the set time limit is reached.

Can the Parental Control App block websites or categories?

Yes, the app can block websites or categories such as games, gambling, and porn.

Is the Parental Control App available on iOS devices?

Yes, the Parental Control App is available on both iOS and Android devices.

What languages does the Parental Control App support?

The Parental Control App supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

What features are included in the Premium version of the Parental Control App?

The Premium version includes YouTube monitoring, family locator geolocation tracker, app blocker, advanced reporting, priority support, and more.

How do I set up the Parental Control App?

To set up the Parental Control App, first download it onto your device and create an account. Then, install the Parental Control Kids App on your kid's device and follow the setup instructions.

Does the Parental Control App work on Huawei devices?

Yes, the Parental Control App works on Huawei devices, but the battery-saving mode needs to be disabled for the Parental Control Kids App.

Can I monitor multiple devices with the Parental Control App?

Yes, the Premium version of the app allows you to supervise and monitor up to 5, 10, or 15 devices.

How can I get support for the Parental Control App?

For support, you can visit the website or email [email protected].