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About Canopy Client Portal

Canopy has simplified how you share files and exchange information with your accountant. This app is designed for you, the client. You have likely been invited to the Canopy Client Portal by your tax professional, including access to the Client Portal via your preferred mobile device.

Check off your To-Do List
Intuitive workflows and a prominent display will keep your upcoming tasks and follow-ups crystal clear.

Upload Files from your Device
End the continuous shuffling of papers back and forth between your tax professional’s office and your home. Use the Client Portal to securely send all necessary files.

Ask Questions Anytime
The Client Portal enables you to send questions directly to your accountant. Follow up, ask for clarity, and more.

Note: If your tax or accounting professional does not use Canopy, you will not have access to Canopy Client Portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Canopy Client Portal?

Canopy Client Portal is an app designed for clients to easily share files and exchange information with their accountant.

How can Canopy Client Portal help me with my tasks?

Canopy Client Portal provides intuitive workflows and a clear display to help you keep track of your upcoming tasks and follow-ups.

Can I upload files to Canopy Client Portal?

Yes, you can securely upload files from your device to the Client Portal instead of shuffling papers between your home and your accountant's office.

Can I ask questions to my accountant using Canopy Client Portal?

Yes, the Client Portal allows you to directly send questions to your accountant, follow up, and request clarity whenever needed.

What if my tax professional doesn't use Canopy?

If your tax or accounting professional does not use Canopy, you will not have access to the Canopy Client Portal.
Excellent experience using this app. Very easy to understand.
Eduardo Rodriguez
Romy Bueno
Jeffrey Bienduga
I'm the most technology handicapped. This app helped me have success in maneuvering to completing the task of submitting information required. I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Great app!
Darlene Jackson
Smooth and easy to use
Limitless RD
Awesome and easy