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About Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep

Pass your licensing exam with the #1 real estate app. Features 1100+ exam-like questions and terminology, PLUS audio & video.

The official Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep will help you pass — guaranteed or get 200% of your money back.

Spanning every stage of a real estate agent career, from pre-licensing and continuing education to realtor, broker, appraisal, home inspection, and more, the Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep premier study tool offers a comprehensive review of critical material.

Install the free version today and jumpstart your studying!

We have provided a free version of the content that you can try before deciding to upgrade. This version includes a limited amount of practice questions and basic progress metrics.

Get your best value by subscribing to the Premium Version:

• 540+ exam practice questions with detailed explanations
• 100+ minutes of in-depth audio content
• 190+ minutes of detailed videos for all topics
• Unlimited access to ALL sections
• 720+ must-know study guide with Real Estate License
• Detailed results tracking showing your strongest and weakest areas

Get access to all questions when you subscribe:
• 1 Month: auto-renewing payment of $29.99
• 3 Months: auto-renewing payment of $59.99
• 12 Months: auto-renewing payment of $99.99

Whether you’re in California, Florida, or anywhere in between, with Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep you’ll have all the information you need to master the real estate licensing exam and kickstart your career as an agent or realtor!

Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Especially great help when you have a fee minute bc of mobile app capability!
Mark Fulk
I have been having a really hard time staying on track with my real estate liscense. This app has helped me study and feel ready for testing.
Alexis Rathmann
Easy to use and very helpful tool to prep you get ready for your TEST 👍
Amanuel yosief