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About Thumbtack: Hire pros - handymen, cleaning & more

Hire local professionals for any project on your to-do list with Thumbtack. Get prices, read reviews, message local pros, and book your favorite — all in the app.

Thumbtack makes it easy to find local professionals for any project. Instead of spending hours researching professionals and calling around, Thumbtack will find professionals for you. Whether you need help with home improvement, house cleaning, or even tree trimmers, hire pros the easy way.

• Find local professionals and select the services you need — choose from home repair (house cleaning, painters, roofers, landscapers, flooring pros) and much more.
• We’ll show you a list of available pros in your area so you can find professionals that are right for you.
• See cost estimates from local pros and get detailed business information.
• Use the app to compare prices, read reviews and hire local professionals whose skills best match your needs. Whether you need a handyman, swimming pool maintenance, a flooring expert, a dog trainer, or even some local movers, Thumbtack has got the right professionals for you.
• Once you’ve found the right pro, Thumbtack makes it easy to message them right in the app.

Need help with home improvement? Looking for reliable roofers, painters, or landscapers? Garden or lawn care professionals? Excellent house cleaning? With almost 1,000 different types of local services on Thumbtack, you'll be able to find professionals for pretty much anything.

Find professionals in the following areas:

• Home improvement and home repair: a handyman, cleaning crews, painters, roofers, flooring experts, swimming pool cleaning, lawn care and more
• Wedding: officiants, photographers, wedding planning services and other wedding vendors
• Photography: all kinds of photography, from commercial to wedding photographers
• Business: services like data entry and logo design
• Design and web: software engineering, animation and more
• Pets: dog walking, pet care and other pet services
• Lessons: yoga instructors, math tutors and anything else you want to learn
• Crafts: from custom jewelry artists to songwriters
• Estate planning
• Personal: life coaches and even wardrobe consultants
• Repair and tech support: for things like equipment repair to data recovery specialists
• Writing, translation, and transcription: editors, content copywriters and more
• Events: caterers, makeup artists, entertainment — everything you need for the perfect event.
• Wedding: officiants, photographers, wedding planning services and other wedding vendors

Or looking to give your home a refresh in time for summer? From swimming pool cleaning to lawn care, we’ve got professionals on hand to help out:

• Outdoor landscaping and design
• Exterior and interior painting
• Fence and gate installation
• Tree trimming and removal
• Concrete installation
• Floor installation or replacement
• Full-service lawn care
• Deck or porch remodel or addition
• Central air conditioning installation or replacement
• Swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and inspection
• Gutter cleaning and maintenance
• Deck staining and sealing

Thumbtack saves you time by searching through hundreds of profiles so you can find local professionals that work for you. From talented landscapers to handymen with Thumbtack, you can hire professionals for pretty much anything.

Download Thumbtack and hire local pros today.

Need help using Thumbtack to hire pros? Go here:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is an app that helps you find and hire local professionals for various projects.

How does Thumbtack work?

Thumbtack makes it easy to find and hire professionals by providing a platform to browse services, compare prices, read reviews, and book appointments.

What types of professionals can I find on Thumbtack?

Thumbtack offers a wide range of professionals, including handymen, cleaners, painters, roofers, landscapers, photographers, wedding planners, and many more.

Can I compare prices and read reviews on Thumbtack?

Yes, Thumbtack allows you to compare prices from local professionals and read their reviews to make an informed decision.

Can I message professionals on Thumbtack?

Yes, Thumbtack provides a messaging feature that allows you to communicate with professionals directly through the app.

How can Thumbtack save me time?

Thumbtack saves you time by searching through hundreds of profiles to find local professionals that match your needs, eliminating the need for extensive research and phone calls.

Is Thumbtack available for all types of projects?

Yes, Thumbtack offers almost 1,000 different types of local services, so you can find professionals for almost anything you need.

How can I download Thumbtack?

You can download Thumbtack from your app store on your device.

Where can I get help with using Thumbtack?

If you need help using Thumbtack, you can visit their help page at
We had to move fast it was a good that I downloaded Thumbtack. I was able to find the right moveing company Dynamic Moving Solutions, Inc.
George M Forman
Mellisa Pullen
Great app. I use it often to get in touch with skilled professionals.
Ana Marshall
Naagin Sri
Minister Keith Rogers was outstanding.
Sheri Spradling
It was a great app. Found the right guy for the job I was looking for.
Brian Gorecki