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About Parental Control App with Kid Content by PikaPika

Parental Control with 360 degree online kids safety

Best Parental Control App, MUST HAVE FOR PARENTS

Kid Mode on any Android device with a single tap!

PikaPika App provides a safe digital environment for kids while introducing them to age-appropriate kids’ educational games and videos. The features of the application are easy to access and offer a viable solution to parents seamlessly.


PikaPika app offers the following features for users.

Password protected app exit and settings : PikaPika App ensures that kids do not have access to unauthorized smartphone data and settings. This saves you the worries of in-app purchases or age-inappropriate content that they might view. This is accomplished by providing a password-protected app exit and settings on the app, thus kids won’t be able to exit the app and only parents can do it. Even when the phone is locked and unlocked, the kid will still be in the app.

App Selection : Parents can select and provide access to the apps pre-installed on their smartphones to their kids on PikaPika. This gives kids ease of access to vital and essential apps on the smartphone.

Periodic Report Card : The app offers a periodic report card to parents on smartphone usage of kids. The detailed report gives information about the total screen time of kids along with the activities that kids were involved in. The report also gives details about the apps used by kids apart from PikaPika.

Screen Time Limit : Parents can set a screen time limit for every app accessible on PikaPika App. This gives parents unprecedented control over their kids’ smartphone usage even when they are not around.

Notification Block : Notifications are completely blocked while PikaPika App is running. This implies that kids cannot access other functionality of a smartphone and thus smartphone data along with settings remains safe.

Make a Custom Profile for Your Kid : The app allows you to make separate profiles for up to 5 kids where you can put in their ages and content appropriate for their age group will pop up based on that.

Video Library for Kids : PikaTV is the native video library in kid’s mode on PikaPika App. The library has educational videos for kids between ages 3-12. The videos are age-appropriate for kids and a bunch of genres are covered to provide the best to kids. PikaTV includes videos on wildlife and nature, DIY, music and art and craft for kids along with full-fledged classroom lessons.

Game Library for Kids : PikaGames, much like PikaTV is the native games library on PikaPika App. Pika Games features productive games for kids that not only entertain but also help build cognitive skills in children. Pika Games has several educational games on maths, english, and science.

All the content on PikaTV and Pika Games has been curated by an expert team of curators who took the first-hand experience of kid’s educational games and videos to ensure all the content is age-appropriate and kids get complete digital safety.

Parental Remote Control : PikaPika App on kids’ devices can be accessed remotely through the Pika Parent app. Parents can view complete report cards on the digital performance of children along with selecting and deselecting appropriate apps and setting a screen time limit for every accessible app. Parents can also set screen time limits for PikaPika App from their own smartphone.

PikaPika App- Best parental control app for digital safety and for fun learning for kids!

Link to Pika Parent App-

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Great app. Does what it says
Nikhil Sahu
Awesome app!!!
Shashi Gupta
Who was the liner and the books
iqra Al
this app is good for me to share my phone to my younger counsins, now i dont mind sharing with them. good work team loved it ❤❤ my privacy is with me now. phew!!
Aditya Mishra
Best app to keep a check on kids using android devices, especially in a world where it's impossible to keep your kids away from the digital world.
Rahul Yadav
The new UI is very beautiful for my child, he is loving it. The content available is also amazing. One feedback is that maybe I can add some channels in PikaTV by myself
anubha sharma