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About Stryd

Stryd learns what kind of runner you are and adapts to your ever improving fitness to prescribe run training that is personalized and specific to your skill set. You receive sweet spot run training guidance that will train you to improve your performance and continually build on those gains for weeks, months, and even years at a time.

Through a combination of advanced sensor technology and an automated training ecosystem, you will be given your personalized & optimal training routine, stride-by-stride guidance during every run, and in-depth insights that help all runners, from beginners to Olympic champions, regularly push their running performance to the next level.

How to start with Stryd:

New to Stryd? This app requires the Stryd pod in order to use the app.
Already have Stryd? You can sign in with your Stryd account, pair your pod, and get started with the app.

Perfect Pacing During Every Run:

Stryd accounts for your speed, slope, run form, fatigue, and wind to deliver perfect, precise, and painless pacing. This is accomplished with the Stryd pod. The pod is filled with motion & environmental sensors that comprehensively determine your running effort in nearly every running condition. With this info, you can evenly pace every run, which means you get the performance enhancing benefits from each training session — without undue fatigue.

Sweet Spot Training Every Day:

Stryd learns who you are as a runner and then prescribes daily training that is personalized to your current fitness. Next, you can import these workouts on your sportswatch and receive stride-by-stride guidance so you run at the right performance-enhancing intensity from start to finish. You stay in the training sweet spot, where you are perfectly balancing stress and rest, so that you receive the maximal benefits from each session and continue to improve.

Automated Insights That Keep You Improving:

Stryd analyzes and compares your similar training sessions against each other to let you know how your fitness is trending. You will know how much your recent training is paying off if you are moving in the right direction. If there is an opportunity to do better, you can quickly identify if you need to update your routine so you can keep the improvements coming.

Continually Beat Your Race Times:

Stryd plans your perfect race for you. Stryd can account for the unique layout of your race course, the weather, the altitude, your skill set, and your overall fitness to prescribe a race plan that will ensure you perform at your peak capability. You will step up to the starting line with confidence knowing that you will run your best race possible.

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Updated review: Rocking! Ok the app is now really useful. The developer has put some work in and now this app good. The strd device itself is a fantastic running tool - the most useful running metric ever.
Shao Guang Li
I love Stryd.. amazing experience
Adarsh Padwalkar
After initially being frustratingly rudimentary, the app has made enormous stryds (ahem) lately and keeps getting better in terms of both usability and features. I really like the recent addition of tags & s...
sesquinoctua -