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About Honeydue: Budget, Bills & Money for Couples

Honeydue is the best personal finance app for couples. Track your bills, bank balances and spending together, and engage in meaningful dialogue about your goals and habits.

• Introducing Joint Banking, a modern bank account designed for modern couples. Each of you and your partner gets your own account number and debit card on top of a shared balance. Track your budget in real time and get on the same page. Reserve your cards today.

• Choose how much you share with your partner.
• See all of your bank account balances in one place, neatly organized.
• Set monthly household spending limits on each category, and get notified when you and your partner are nearing it.
• Add your own custom categories
• Get reminded you when it's time to pay your bills.
• Send a thumbs up to encourage your partner's spending habits, or choose from 6 other emojis
• Ask your partner if that mysterious purchase was theirs
• Divvy up expenses, and square up balances with your partner when the time is right
• Automatic categorization of all your spending
• Support for over 10,000+ banks (US, Canada, UK, Spain & France)
• Bank level security for your peace of mind:
Your data is encrypted in storage and in transit.
• SSL/TLS, passcode & TouchID, and multi-factor authentication.
• See the big picture and argue less about the little things
• Free up your time from financial chores and go enjoy your day!
• It's FREE!

Any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at
[email protected]

Thanks for using Honeydue :)

I am also experiencing problems in the last days. The app simply dies when performing certain operations. Using Android 11. Looking forward to that update mentioned below. Thanks for the quick response and fix!
Javi Molina
Edit: Great technical support. They reached out very quickly and solved my problem! Using the app now and it is great! /////// The app doesn't open. When I click on the icon, the app's icon appears on my scr...
Adzuira Musule
Great app to keep track of spending. I've been looking for one that my spouse and I can share information on spending... no longer have to worry about over drafting because of not knowing what each other has...
Brian King