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About Go Budget — Spending + Bill Tracker

Use Go Budget to plan your budget and take control of your finances.

- Set spending goals and track purchases painlessly
- Get reminders for upcoming bills, and track when they are paid
- Add Go Budget+ to share a budget with a spouse, partner, or your whole family

Go Budget is designed around two goals:

1. Take the normally unpleasant experience of manually managing a budget and make it simple and easy to stay on top of.
2. Provide a seamless sync experience for families and others who need to share a budget.

The Go Budget app is fully featured and allows you to track income, bills, daily spending, and saving goals right from your phone with a simple, modern interface. You can subscribe to Go Budget+ to:

- Share and sync budgets with others - we'll automatically keep your budgets in sync
- Backup budgets online securely
- Access from any device

To restore an existing Go Budget+ subscription, sign into the Go Budget account used when subscribing to Go Budget+.


Go Budget embraces the philosophy that the best way to manage your budget is the old school way - by setting budgeting goals and manually tracking your progress. Go Budget makes this as simple as possible, and automates things that repeat like bills and regular income.

Our budgeting method is strongly influenced by the envelope method, which has been battle-proven by millions of successful budgeters over the years. Go Budget makes things a bit simpler than putting money in physical envelopes, but the core principles are the same - start with your income and separate your money for bills, spending, and saving.

Go Budget supports a variety of different budgeting time periods:

- Monthly budgeting
- Weekly budgeting
- Semi-monthly budgeting
- Bi-weekly budgeting

This enables you to budget in the way that makes sense for you.

The app also supports pretty much any type of income or bill schedule, so you can stay on top of things without having to enter them again and again every time they repeat.

With Go Budget+, you can manage your household budget painlessly - every purchase and bill payment will be synced with all budget members automatically.

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Budgeting made easy!!! Refreshing take on a budget spreadsheet! Very attractive and intuitive layout. And it's USER FRIENDLY! Extremely short learning curve. My main need is the ability to budget biweekly, w...
This app has made entering all my spending a super easy habit. It's nice to know where your money is going and be in control of it!
Laura Prehn
hi, thanks for the app. like it. app store version unfortunately 'not available on your region' :-(
hafizhuddin amin
Andrew Beattie