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About Liberate: My OCD Fighter

Liberate: My OCD Fighter brings to you an easy way to conquer your anxieties from the comfort of home. In a virtual setting designed to put you at ease, this app complements the aid received from your specialist. It takes therapy out of the confines of a therapist’s office.

With a user-friendly interface and a simple, functional design, the app provides a platform for you to manage your OCD in an effective way. The physical features of the app, designed entirely by 14-20-year-old students, allow for a graphic and interactive experience for the users, thus creating a space to easily fight compulsions.

The app helps you learn more about OCD, providing information about the causes and types of OCD and methods to combat it. It offers features to track your compulsions, building an environment suitable to control their OCD. Controlling OCD for the long-term is done using various ways to resist and weaken compulsions.

1. Scheduling your Worry Time - You can schedule specific periods of worry, which will, in the long run, reduce the time spent performing compulsions.

2. Controlling your Compulsions - You can also manipulate their compulsions, including changing them (their frequency and order), postponing them (offering mild resistance), shortening/retarding them (effectively minimizing their effect on your life).

3. Creating a Fear Ladder - The app also allows you to create their own Fear Ladder of triggers for each of your compulsions, and perform exposure exercises to normalize these triggers. You can perform CBT exercises on the app, which helps analyze your thought processes.

4. Setting Goals for yourself - All these exercises can be planned using our Goal-Setting feature. Using this, you can set short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, thus motivating yourself to fight your anxiety.

5. Connecting with your Therapist through regular Reports - The app sends weekly progress reports to your therapist with data it collects automatically through your exercises. These reports include data regarding the effect of your compulsions on your emotions, the number of OCD attacks you suffered over the week (also relating your compulsions to the time of day), and various triggers and calming factors specific to each compulsion. The app also allows the scheduling of the OCI-R between certain intervals of time, to measure the severity of your compulsions. The report also covers data regarding anxiety levels experienced by the user during their exposure exercises as well as the status of homework assignments given to them by their therapist.

6. Getting External Support - You will also be able to designate certain support members whom you trust, who will be notified when you suffer an attack or have multiple compulsions and other situations where external help is critical. This ensures that you are not alone in your journey to conquer your OCD.

Liberate: My OCD Fighter is an all-in-one app that connects your compulsions, obsessions, personal goals and thoughts to your specialist-advised therapy. It makes for a planned resolution of your anxieties and is designed to generate more positive thoughts and emotions.

The app helps users realize feasible and implementable solutions to their anxieties, using clinically proven techniques and modern methods of combating OCD.

It's very useful for OCD patient like my son.
abdur rahman al-mullick
This app is so good! All the illustrations and explanations on OCD are great! Truly recommend to download❤
Angelina Yo
I've never heard or seen this app when I searched for apps to tame my OCD. For years I've suffered with OCD, and I've gotten way better with therapy and medication, but I slip sometimes. This app has helped ...