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About Amplenote

*** Your security is our priority ***
- Data security differentiates us from popular to-do list apps
- All note contents are encrypted at rest on our servers
- Notes can be Vault Encrypted with a password that's never sent to our servers
- Your note content is available for download at any time

*** Built on seamless syncing ***
- Along with data security, accurate syncing is at our core
- Designed for heavy users who often switch between the same notes on mobile and desktop
- Our sync is compatible with Vault Notes (even though we can't decrypt their content)

***Expression is our cornerstone ***
- Rich Footnotes that hold text, code, images, or all the above is our flagship feature
- Easily paste images into notes, or even into text within notes
- A range of the finest markdown stylings at your disposal

*** Notes and tasks: better together ***
- Text, code, to-do tasks, and images all live inside the same note
- Tasks can be customized to recur at flexible intervals or hide until later
- Tasks are automatically removed from your to-do list when completed

*** As organized as you are ***
- Note tags allow multi-level taxonomy to organize notes
- Browse these taxonomies like directories
- Recreate Onenote browsing hierarchies seamlessly

*** Flair for sharing ***
- Any note can be instantly shared and edited by multiple parties
- Publish notes (including their Rich Footnotes!) to the web with one click
- Shared to-do lists can help a team stay on top of shared responsibilities

*** Built for personal productivity ***
- Set up any task to repeat relative to when you last got it done
- Track how much you're getting done over time with our automatic task graph
- Designate tasks as "Urgent" or "Important" to use proven priority techniques

*** More than ample enough for power users ***
- Simplified, clean UI is efficiently functional
- Every operation has a hot key shown on hover
- Quick opener allows opening any recently used note in ~3 keystrokes

- *** No internet? No problem ***
- Continue working offline within new or cached notes
- All work will automatically sync once back online

*** Ample: no more, no less ***
- We won't settle for becoming bloated with non-essential features
- We're committed to supporting all platforms – we work across mobile and web, with native desktop support in the works

*** Get started instantly ***
- Use our Evernote Importer to bring your notes (with tags!) from the olden times

*** Account required ***
- An active Amplenote subscription is required to use Amplenote beyond the free trial trial period.
- You may purchase an auto-renewing subscription through an In-App Purchase.
- 1 month and 1 year durations are available for Basic, Pro, and Founder subscription levels.
- Your subscription will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew (at the duration selected) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- Current subscription may not be cancelled during the active subscription period; however, you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your Google Play Account Settings after purchase
- Privacy policy:
- Terms of use:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does Amplenote prioritize data security?

Amplenote prioritizes data security by encrypting all note contents at rest on their servers and allowing users to Vault Encrypt their notes with a password that is never sent to the servers.

What sets Amplenote apart from other to-do list apps?

Amplenote differentiates itself from other to-do list apps through its strong focus on data security and accurate syncing. It is designed for heavy users who frequently switch between the same notes on mobile and desktop.

What are some key features of Amplenote?

Some key features of Amplenote include Rich Footnotes that allow users to include text, code, images, and more in their notes, seamless syncing between devices, the ability to have text, code, to-do tasks, and images all within the same note, note tags for organizing notes, and the option to share and collaborate on notes with others.

Can I use Amplenote offline?

Yes, Amplenote allows users to continue working offline within new or cached notes. All work done offline will automatically sync once the device is back online.

What platforms does Amplenote support?

Amplenote supports mobile, web, and is working on native desktop support. It is committed to supporting all platforms and providing a simplified, clean UI that is efficiently functional.

Is an account required to use Amplenote?

Yes, an active Amplenote subscription is required to use Amplenote beyond the free trial period. Subscriptions can be purchased through an In-App Purchase and are available in 1 month and 1 year durations for Basic, Pro, and Founder subscription levels.

How can I manage my Amplenote subscription?

You can manage your Amplenote subscription and turn off auto-renewal by visiting your Google Play Account Settings after purchase. However, current subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

How can I import my notes from Evernote?

Amplenote provides an Evernote Importer that allows users to bring their notes (including tags) from Evernote into Amplenote.

Where can I find the privacy policy and terms of use for Amplenote?

Amplenote's privacy policy can be found at and the terms of use can be found at
Great note taking app! Backlinking and task system is unique and well done.
Max Svärd
This is an excellent app that provides a simple approach to completley change how useful notes can be. The inclusion of task mangement is excellent.
Allan Dokis
This app is a great experience. I have just switched to Amplenote after having used Roam for two whole months at the price point of 15 dollars. Now I am on the 6 dollar plan at Amplenote. It is a bit strange...
István Gergely Nyári
Love the idea, still needs polish. No calendar mode just yet. Jots is buggy and will freeze for 10 seconds to indefinitely.
Victor Ngo
Have been using Amplenote daily for a month now and really enjoying the experience. Using the web and Android apps. The stand out feature for me is the seamless combination of rich note taking and tracking a...
Mark Crowley
This is the only real competitor to Evernote, that does (almost) everything like EN. And many things it does better (markup, backlinks).
Matjaž Mirt