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About Affirm It

Affirm It is your one-stop-shop for all things affirmations that will actually help you manifest your goals + desires. This app makes it easy to shift your thoughts, think positively and manifest what you actually want.


- 7-day free trial with no commitment and complete access to the app

- 25+ categories of affirmations

- 1500+ affirmations at your fingertips

- Create your own personalized affirmations

- Track your affirmation + manifestation journey

- Choose from uplifting designs and photos

- Create your own wallpapers

- Set daily, weekly or monthly affirmation reminders

- Helpful guides to walk you through the process

- Listen to 20+ guided affirmation audios with more coming

- Listen to sleep affirmations to reprogram your subconscious and get restful sleep

- Guided visualizations and meditations

- Video content to enhance your knowledge

- New content daily


The science behind affirmations is that your mind listens to and obeys every word you speak into your existence. This happens because your reality is just a result of your deepest beliefs. Using affirmations helps you rewire and reprogram those beliefs through the repetition of saying, seeing and believing them until they become your new beliefs. Affirmations have been used for decades, helping millions manifest more money, self-confidence, their soulmate and so much more.


- Self-confidence

- Money + Finances

- Love + Relationships

- Growth + Transformation

- Career + Dream Job

- Stress + Anxiety

- And MORE!


Check out Affirm It through free 7-day trial with complete access to the app. When you are ready to subscribe, Affirm It offers a monthly auto-renewing subscription for $4.49/month.

You can cancel at anytime by going into your Settings in the Affirm It app. Payment will be charged to the credit card associated with your iTunes Account. Your subscription will automatically renew each month and if you’d like to cancel before the next period, make sure you do so 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.


Terms + Conditions:

Privacy Policy:

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Have been following Payal for over a year. 'Affirm it" has been such a blessing. From waking up to feeling slow & anxious to waking up knowing that I matter and that I'm loved changed the course of what my l...
Kanchan Jha
I love the app. It has greatly helped me in my daily life and I find myself coming back to it every now an then. Good work!
Arav Jain
Loved it.
CLAD Gaming
I heard about Payal through a friend who forwarded me the signup email for the 7-day sense of self challenge. Having recently learned about manifestation, I was excited to take on this challenge as an opport...
Shalaka Godse
Heard d best guided affirmation since d day I've got d knowledge of d power of affirmation. But d app shuts down by itself in between d audios while playing it (Pls Resolve). Thank u so much for providing su...
Komal Soni
Affirmit is an app that truly fills one's mind, body and soul with positivity. There are lots of simple affirmations on varied topics like career, relationships, anxiety, gratitude and even for Kids.(so thou...
Kanchana Ganesan