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About 28 Menstrual Cycle Wellness

Get daily exercise videos, nutrition profiles, and emotional insights customized to your body’s natural cycle.

28 is the world’s first cycle-based fitness and wellness experience offering cycle tracking, transformative exercises, nutrition profiles, and science-backed emotional insights, all hyper-personalized to where you are in your natural cycle and controlled by you.

Designed by supermodel trainers and medical experts to work with your body’s physical and hormonal fluctuations. Powered by nature and innovative technology that personalizes your daily experience while keeping you in control of your cycle data.

Painful Periods Aren't Natural

But they are common. Synthetic estrogens in birth control, plastics, and beauty products have created hormone imbalances for millions of women. 28's functional nutrition was designed to naturally restore balance to your hormones, along with phase-specific functional movements.

Workout With Your Cycle, Not Against It

Many popular fitness methods were designed for men, not women, with no regard for the menstrual cycle. 28 is the first method of its kind designed to optimize your energy, hormones, strength, and flexibility as you experience changes throughout your cycle.

You Deserve More Than A Period Tracker

Your cycle has four phases. Each phase brings changes to the brain and body. Exercising and eating based on your cycle means changing the types of movements and nutrients during each phase to optimize your physique, hormones, and mood. 28 empowers you with simplified science, breathtaking content, and cutting-edge technology.

Become the Expert of You

You are a mystery. Your body doesn’t have to be. We’ve been locked in the passenger seats of our own bodies for far too long. School taught us little-to-nothing about how our cycles and hormones actually work. 28 empowers you to connect with your body by understanding the beautifully complex nature of your biology, one day at a time.


Follow Your Cycle
- Daily Cycle Status
- Easily Track Your Periods
- Phase Progress Bar

Science-based Insights
- Daily body predictions
- Daily emotional predictions
- Goals, Guidance, and inspiration

Exercise Videos
- Personalized to match your energy and mood
- Designed by trainers of iconic supermodels
- Lengthen, strengthen, stretch & tone.
- Sculpt booty, tighten abs, tone arms, lean legs
- Workout anywhere, at any time
- No equipment required
- Lightening-fast, high-definition streaming
- View on mobile, desktop, tablet, TV

Nutrition Profiles
- Daily nutrition guidelines for hormone balancing
- Specific suggestions by food groups
- Give your body what it needs, when it needs it
- No more calorie counting
- Coming Soon: Meal plans
- Coming soon: Shopping lists

User Privacy Is Our #1 Priority

Many women have valid concerns regarding the privacy and safety of their personal health data. We're proud to have one of the strongest privacy policies in all of tech, which includes a steadfast commitment to never sell user cycle data to anyone for any reason and to never turn over user cycle data to any government or regulatory authority under any circumstance. We've intentionally built our algorithm to be manually controlled by the user at any time, as opposed to leveraging more invasive, machine learning methods. The only cycle data we currently collect is provided voluntarily by the user. It is also never shared with any existing or future investors. It is strictly confidential and used only for the purposes of providing a customized user experience. Any cycle data the user provides now or in the future can be changed or deleted by the user at any time. We do not store deleted cycle data. Once the user deletes that information, it is gone forever.

Embrace your nature and begin today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is 28?

28 is a cycle-based fitness and wellness experience that offers cycle tracking, exercises, nutrition profiles, and emotional insights customized to your natural cycle.

Why are painful periods common?

Painful periods are common because synthetic estrogens in birth control, plastics, and beauty products have created hormone imbalances for millions of women.

How does 28 work with your cycle?

28 is designed to optimize your energy, hormones, strength, and flexibility as you experience changes throughout your cycle.

What are the features of 28?

Some features of 28 include daily cycle tracking, science-based insights, personalized exercise videos, and nutrition profiles.

Is my privacy protected with 28?

Yes, user privacy is the number one priority for 28. They have a strong privacy policy and never sell or share user cycle data without consent.
It has been many days since I started using this app. It is a very great experience. It tells you so much about your phases and suggest the best and easy workouts. I am really seeing big difference in my hea...
Unnati Galiawala
I LOVE this app. I downloaded it early on and have let all my girlfriends know about it. I really hope early users are thought of when moving to subscription. I'll be sad to see it go if I can't afford it. T...
Xi X
I've been waiting so long for a program like this, and the fact that it's free is just too good to be true! I noticed a long time ago that exercising intensely at certain times in my cycle would make my horm...
kim soltes
FINALLY! An app that gives insight to each phase of a woman's cycle. I read the book Woman Code, life changing but it was so hard to remember what to eat & what exercises to do during each phase. Now, there'...
Yahoo Twenty
This is the key to living a whole and integrated life! Thank you so much- I love this app
Catalina Geib
Love how the workouts are liked to the energy levels of my a genuine feminine focused fitness program..thank you.
Julia Thornton