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About EWG's Healthy Living

Scan a product. Review its rating. Pick the better choice.

Healthy living just got that easy.

From snacks to shampoos: We are exposed to chemicals every second, yet we know very little about them. To help you navigate this complicated world and make safer choices, EWG combined two of our most popular resources, our Skin Deep and Food Scores databases, to form our Healthy Living App. Now EWG's trusted ratings for more than 120,000 food and cosmetics products are at your fingertips.

Just scan a barcode, search by name or browse by category, and EWG will give you an easy-to-understand 1-10 score (1 being the best!) backed by science you can trust.

Better beauty and healthy living has never been easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is EWG's Healthy Living?

EWG's Healthy Living is an app that provides ratings for food and cosmetics products to help users make safer choices for a healthier lifestyle.

What resources does EWG combine to create the Healthy Living App?

EWG combines its Skin Deep and Food Scores databases to create the Healthy Living App.

How many products are rated in the Healthy Living App?

The Healthy Living App rates more than 120,000 food and cosmetics products.

How can I find a product's rating in the Healthy Living App?

You can find a product's rating in the Healthy Living App by scanning its barcode, searching by name, or browsing by category.

How are the ratings in the Healthy Living App determined?

The ratings in the Healthy Living App are determined using an easy-to-understand 1-10 score, with 1 being the best. The scores are backed by science that you can trust.

What does the Healthy Living App prioritize in its ratings?

The Healthy Living App prioritizes safer choices and aims to help users make better beauty and healthy living decisions.

Is the Healthy Living App user-friendly?

Yes, the Healthy Living App is designed to be easy to use, making healthy living more accessible.
Only installed this app this morning, but I'm thoroughly impressed so far and I'd absolutely recommend downloading and using it for yourself.
Beverley Knight
Awesome work!
Great resource
Helen Ario
Helps switch to cleaner less toxic products
Bethany Tatum
Great app, but only useful in the USA for now (doesn't have French barcodes).
Hilary Rowland
I love this app and the EWG!! You can find all the clean products you need here. And they are doing such important work to inform consumers and hold major brands and the government accountable for the toxic ...
jessica haynie