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About FoodSwitch

Make healthier food choices with FoodSwitch. Simply scan a barcode to get its nutrition facts and healthier alternatives!
Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, track calories, avoid gluten, or looking for products low in salt or sugars, FoodSwitch will help you develop healthy habits when grocery shopping.

1. Barcode Scanner --> Simply scan barcodes to view the nutritional information of packaged food products. Over a million barcodes recognized in our huge database.
2. Nutritional Tracker→ Information on the nutritional quality of packaged foods.
3. Nutrient Details --- > View Energy, Fat, Sugar, Salt content and more.
4. Healthy Food Choice ---> Make healthier food choices based on what you scan. ________________________________________________________________________________________


1. Health Star Ratings ---> Rates products from 0.5 to 5 stars. Higher the star rating, healthier the food.
2. Traffic Light Labels ---> Green(low), Amber(medium) and Red(high) ratings for salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat content.

Choose a Switch below to filter healthier food choices (Please note some filters might not be available in your country)
1. FoodSwitch ---> gives overall nutritional rating to make a healthier food choice. Great for people looking for overall health alternatives to their favorite foods.
2. SaltSwitch ---> Lists healthier choices having lower amounts of salt than the scanned product. Helpful for people concerned about their blood pressure.

1. Create and save personalised lists of favourite foods.
2. Help us out! Send us photos of any items that you are not able to scan.
3. Identify Vegetarian products easily.
4. Use “Compare” function to scan and compare up to 10 similar products against each other

Check out this video. Professor Bruce Neal - Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health talks about the FoodSwitch program and its vision to improve health

FoodSwitch data is used by governments and health organisations around the world. Download the app today for credible and impartial information.

FoodSwitch is owned and operated by The George Institute for Global Health.

For more information about FoodSwitch and FAQs, please visit

For our Terms of use, please visit

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FoodSwitch?

FoodSwitch is an app that helps you make healthier food choices by scanning barcodes to get nutrition facts and find healthier alternatives.

How does FoodSwitch work?

FoodSwitch works by scanning barcodes on packaged food products to view their nutritional information. It also provides health star ratings and traffic light labels to help you make healthier choices.

What information can I get from the barcode scan?

The barcode scan provides information on energy, fat, sugar, salt content, and more.

How does the health star rating system work?

The health star rating system rates products from 0.5 to 5 stars, with a higher star rating indicating a healthier food choice.

What are traffic light labels?

Traffic light labels show green, amber, and red ratings for salt, sugar, fat, and saturated fat content, helping you identify the healthiness of a product.

Are there filters available for specific dietary goals?

Yes, you can choose filters such as FoodSwitch or SaltSwitch to find healthier food choices based on your specific goals.

What are the benefits of using FoodSwitch?

The benefits of using FoodSwitch include creating personalized lists of favorite foods, easily identifying vegetarian products, comparing similar products, and contributing to improving the app's database by sending photos of unscannable items.

Who owns and operates FoodSwitch?

FoodSwitch is owned and operated by The George Institute for Global Health.

Where can I find more information and FAQs about FoodSwitch?

For more information and FAQs about FoodSwitch, please visit

Where can I find the terms of use for FoodSwitch?

The terms of use for FoodSwitch can be found at
Good app for health
ramya sirisha kandarpa
عبدالله آلْ كريِّز
Great application, showing better alternatives.
Ashutosh Kumar
Excellent App Great app to choose healthy food items.
Easy to use and understand! Helpful in making healthier swaps.
Sonia Pombo
Very useful to scan barcodes and impressive design and looj
nani D