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About Orchyd - Track Your Period

The Orchyd App is subscription-free period tracking & menstrual health care with 100% data privacy. Track your period, birth control, & PMS symptoms, plus get 24/7 access to our network of board-certified doctors.

Orchyd is a private, free, advanced menstrual cycle tracker & period planner. Use our period tracker free of distracting ads & track your period, PMS symptoms, & birth control with the Orchyd period calendar. Track period symptoms, get birth control reminder notifications & more.

Track your period & get access to our 24/7 doctors network through Orchyd MD™. Find a doctor, get live online health services to get instant help with menstrual health, birth control, irregular periods, pregnancy, PMS, & more! No wait time, no insurance necessary, & costs less than the national co-pay – bringing privacy, accessibility and affordability to menstrual healthcare.

Period and birth control tracker features, as they should be. Our free for life, personalized app never sells your data. Period tracking apps are filled with sensitive, personal data. We ensure your complete data privacy under HIPAA & GDPR. For PMS, fertility, periods, or menstrual health – you’re safe on our app.

A period calendar, for everyone. Orchyd’s period tracking & menstrual calendar features empower everyone who menstruates, regardless of gender identity. Our mission is to destigmatize periods & provide the resources & tools for good menstrual health.

**All-Access Premium Features & Private App Without The Paywall**
- Private & Ad Free Care for your Period
- HIPAA & GDPR Compliant
- OB/GYN Approved
- No subscription period tracking

Your Body. Your Data.
- Our private period log app never sells your data to third parties
- Remote: Store data on our secure and 100% private database for easy access & retrieval
- Local: Store data on your device in case of data breaches or government inquiry

Anonymous Mode
- Login without an email or password so no personal identity is associated with the account
- Sign in using an anonymous account with local mode enabled for the highest level of security

Birth Control Tracker (BC) & Support
- Personalized period and BC tracking
- Track birth control safely: IUD, pill, vaginal ring, implant, injection, etc.
- Birth control reminder feature here to help you stay on track
- Missed a dose? Get live support from Orchyd MD™ doctors if you have questions

Track Period Health & PMS Symptoms
- Track your period & PMS symptoms, mood, sexual activity, exercise, & sleep
- Period log: add symptoms to get improved cycle predictions if you have irregular periods
- Period calculator: Track PMS symptoms & historical period data to help Orchyd learn your cycle faster

Period Calendar for Women & All Menstruators
- Period tracking AI accurately predicts flow, PMS days, ovulation, & fertility window
- Period calculator: Get notifications for upcoming periods, PMS days, ovulation days, & fertility
- Track period duration & flow levels
- Share your cycle with your partner, friends or family
- Track your cycle and ovulation test results with custom period and ovulation tracker settings

Find a Doctor with Orchyd MD™
- Telemedicine: Use Orchyd MD™, an on demand 24/7 doctors network for menstrual health support
- Live online health with no insurance needed
- Doctors visits cost $29 (lower than the national copay)
- Get same-day BC pickup when you connect with our Orchyd MD™ doctors

Limit Your Risk of Leakage & Toxic Shock Syndrome with SafeFlow™
- Receive notifications reminding you to replace or remove your product
- Perfect for teens period tracking

Ovulation & Fertility Calendar
- Our fertility app features offer ovulation & fertility window insights based on cycle history
- Trying to conceive? Track your basal body temperature, sexual activity, & discharge
- Fertility tracker: Log ovulation test results

Join our mission to modernize period healthcare for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Orchyd?

Orchyd is a subscription-free period tracking and menstrual health care app that guarantees 100% data privacy. It allows users to track their periods, birth control, and PMS symptoms, and provides access to a network of board-certified doctors.

Is Orchyd a free app?

Yes, Orchyd is a free app that does not require any subscriptions. It offers advanced period tracking and menstrual cycle planning features without any distracting ads.

Can Orchyd help with birth control tracking?

Yes, Orchyd has a birth control tracker feature that allows users to safely track different forms of birth control, such as IUD, pill, vaginal ring, implant, injection, and more. It also provides birth control reminders to help users stay on track.

How does Orchyd ensure data privacy?

Orchyd guarantees complete data privacy and never sells user data to third parties. It complies with HIPAA and GDPR regulations to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive personal information.

Can Orchyd be used by anyone, regardless of gender identity?

Yes, Orchyd's period tracking and menstrual calendar features are designed to empower everyone who menstruates, irrespective of their gender identity. Its mission is to destigmatize periods and provide resources for good menstrual health.

Does Orchyd offer access to doctors?

Yes, Orchyd provides access to a 24/7 network of doctors through its Orchyd MD™ feature. Users can find doctors, receive live online health services, and get instant help with menstrual health, birth control, irregular periods, pregnancy, PMS, and more.

How much does it cost to see a doctor through Orchyd?

Doctors visits through Orchyd MD™ cost $29, which is lower than the national copay. There is no need for insurance to access this service.

Does Orchyd offer a high level of security?

Yes, Orchyd offers an anonymous mode that allows users to login without an email or password, ensuring that no personal identity is associated with the account. It also provides a local mode for storing data on the user's device, offering an additional layer of security.

Can Orchyd help with fertility tracking?

Yes, Orchyd's period tracking AI accurately predicts flow, PMS days, ovulation, and fertility window based on the user's cycle history. It also offers features to track basal body temperature, sexual activity, discharge, and ovulation test results for those who are trying to conceive.

What is SafeFlow™ in Orchyd?

SafeFlow™ in Orchyd is a feature that sends notifications to users, reminding them to replace or remove their menstrual products in order to minimize the risk of leakage and Toxic Shock Syndrome. It is particularly useful for teens who are tracking their periods.