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About Elaine Martin Kids Hypnosis (kids sleep)

Does your kid struggle to sleep, have anxiety, annoying habits, fears or lacks confidence? Hypnosis/kids sleep could be the answer.

The only kids hypnosis app dedicated to helping children and teens to improve their overall mental and physical health and wellbeing. A selection of age-appropriate bedtime stories that deal with fears, anxiety, stress, self-confidence and sleep issues.

All the stories have suggestions embedded within them to help kids to sleep and help manage a particular area of concern such as fears, anxiety, etc. Using a mix of soft gentle music with an enhancing and magical storyline together with Elaine Martin’s hypnotic and soothing voice, there is something for everyone.

Within the app, there are 4 categories :

Feel Confidence
Reduce Fear
Manage Anxiety

Within each category are 4 age ranges:

0 to 2 years
3 to 5 years,
6 to 12 years
13 plus years.

The app has been created to be simple and easy to use. Choose a category, choose an age group and then scroll to your favourite story.


Free app to download
Lots of free content plus in-app purchases
High-quality recording
Premium gentle and soothing background music
Elaine's soft, relaxing and hypnotic voice
A library of fun and interesting bedtime stories with new regular uploads
Simple and really easy to use
Access hours and hours worth of hypnosis video content from your device, it's like having a hypnotherapist in your pocket!

Under each story, there will be:

a description of what’s it’s about and when to use it
an explanation of what hypnosis is and how it works
and a bit about the creator Elaine Martin

You have the option on putting it on repeat and having it play in a loop or just play once.
You can move forward or backwards in 15-second intervals.

The purpose of all these videos is to help the listener go to sleep.

There is also a DISCLAIMER and a warning at the beginning of each video. The warning is to make sure the carer or adult is not playing this story when driving or operating heavy machinery as it can make the listener feel drowsy or sleepy.

Please be aware that this is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis which means that the listener can choose to end the session by opening their eyes at any time.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are available within the app.

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I have lisened to her youtube chanel and this is a step in the right way
I get to sleep so fast now I'm not sure how to describe How happy I am
Fabulous :)
Teresa Lamont