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About ACT Companion

"I believe we have created the ultimate ACT app. An invaluable tool for any coach or clinician working with ACT - as well as for all their clients."
--- Dr Russ Harris, internationally acclaimed ACT trainer & bestselling author

"I love this app! Simple, clean, and clients can get to where they need to go really quickly."
--- Dr Louise Hayes, clinical psychologist at Orygen Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne

"This app is a great tool for clinicians and clients. ACT Companion is a valuable resource that lets you take ACT outside of the therapy room and into your pocket."
--- Nesh Nikolic, clinical psychologist & ACT trainer

Develop and practice the skills you need to be present, open up and do what matters - with dozens of simple, yet powerful, interactive ACT exercises and tools based on the best-selling book, The Happiness Trap, by Dr Russ Harris.

If you’re working with an ACT coach, clinician, or self-help book, then ACT Companion will help you put what you’ve learned into practice and create meaningful change in your life.

What is ACT?

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a scientifically supported mindfulness-based behaviour therapy with over 850 published peer-reviewed studies demonstrating its effectiveness for a wide range of clinical issues (such as anxiety and depression) as well as mental wellbeing and peak-performance.

Privacy note: Your privacy is extremely important - personal information entered in the app is NOT collected, recorded or stored anywhere other than on your own device unless you choose to back up your data remotely.

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It's good, not easy but good.
Stuart H
This is a great app for bringing together ACT or even CBT learning. Excellent range of exercises that are easy to use but quite searching in terms of committing yourself to change, with valued actions. I lik...
Billy Croucher
The How of Stoicism using the mechanism of mindfulness. A superb offering for mental health.
Paul Bard