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About Hypnomatic — hypnosis app

Join hundreds of thousands who meditate using mobile hypnosis Hypnomatic. A hypnosis session is a simple and effective way to improve the quality of life in all spheres.
Hypnosis is a means of developing personality and dealing with psychological problems. In the early 2000s, at the intersection of digital technologies and psychology, a new technique ”computerized hypnotic sessions” emerged. Unlike the classical approach, the hypnosis sessions have a wider arsenal of methods of altering consciousness.

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The “Science” section contains the articles that explain the principles of hypnosis effects, based on such phenomena as the resonant frequencies of the brain, binaural modulations, infrasound information and colored noise.

A hypnosis session is a program which contains visual imagery (spirals or circles of a certain color rotating and pulsating at a given frequency) and a soundtrack which influences the subconscious according to the theme of the session selected. Due to simultaneous use of subliminal suggestions and neurowave stimulation, a session helps a person to overcome psychological, physical and emotional barriers.

In addition to individual peculiarities of the conscious, all people have common mechanisms of psychic activity (inborn reflexes, basic instincts, frequency response); this is exactly what hypnotic sessions deal with. Now it is possible in a few weeks to achieve the effect that took the analysts months and years before. You don’t have to go to a qualified hypnotherapist as you can achieve the effect in a comfortable environment, without leaving your house.
The following hypnosis sessions are available for the “Hypnomatic” users:
Money Orientation
Focusing on Studies
Tussle with Insomnia
Big City
My Reality
Quit Smoking
Weight Control
Overcoming Fears
Jealousy Reduction
Nail Biting Habit
Stopping the Internal Dialogue
A Big Day
The fear of Making Acquaintances

IT IS IMPORTANT! Each hypnosis session includes an instruction. It is possible to use several programs at the same time. Moreover, it is not recommended to use hypnosis sessions while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if a person suffers from paranoia, schizophrenia, psychosis psychotic disorder, epilepsy or arrhythmia.

You have to understand that the issue is not a mystical healing as if touched with a magic wand, but a specific and purposeful work on the side of a client. A hypnotherapist or a hypnosis session facilitates an input into this powerful state of the brain, but the result depends primarily on a client’s desire and will.

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