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About Live Life: Guided Meditation & relaxation with CBT

The Self Hypnosis Techniques app provides audio hypnotherapy sessions & techniques that help you reduce stress, anxiety, overcome fears & phobias, and live a calm & peaceful life.

Whether you want to reduce anxiety & stress, lose weight, or simply get more from your life, you can do this with these proven techniques for change and improvement. The Hypnosis & guided relaxation sessions in this app are a proven way to condition yourself to achieving these goals. These hypnosis sessions are combined with various videos for tips, advice & strategies on how to make your life happy & fulfilling.

The therapy sessions in the app are guided by Mark Bowden - a qualified and experienced solution focused Hypnotherapist. Accredited with the ‘Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy’, Mark is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy & the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. Why pay $100's for personal sessions when you can access all of Mark's sessions for a fraction of the cost?


Access a vast library of different hypnosis therapies

Get 250+ Sessions. 100+ hours of content

Listen to therapy sessions offline

Search for hypnosis therapies

Make a list of favorite sessions

Play tracks in the background

Share content with family & friends

Overcome stress, anxiety & depression:
The anxiety caused by stress can take away happiness, self-esteem,& the ability to make complex decisions. Listening to our hypnosis sessions will subsequently help provide relief from anxiety & stress, calm your senses and improve your overall mental health.

Meditate for mindfulness:
Mindfulness meditation can help you relax, calm down & understand a situation completely. The hypnosis tracks for mindfulness meditation & relaxation will let you achieve better health, more wealth & feel more fulfilled. Mark Bowden will make sure you get up in the right headspace each morning.

Say goodnight to insomnia:
As one of the most important processes that humans go through, sleep is an essential commodity that we should not compromise on. The guided meditation by a practicing hypnotherapist will prepare you & take you into a wonderful night sleep to overcome sleep disorder like insomnia.

Self Hypnosis Techniques includes hypnotherapy sessions focusing on various issues that people commonly face in their daily life. Discover content focusing on:

Personal Development: Positive thinking, increase happiness, master productivity, improve posture, creative thinking

Business & Career: Overcome exam nerves, find more business & career opportunities, become a natural leader

Confidence & Self Esteem: Stop self-blame, overcome shyness, improve self-confidence, overcome insecurity & depression, increase motivation

Fears & Phobias: Overcome fear of public speaking, fear of driving & communicating in a group

Pain Management: Relieve lower back pain, IBS, period pain and chronic pain

Sport & Exercise: Develop a running mindset, increase muscle growth, exercise motivation, improve soccer skills

Weight Loss: Stop binge eating, Stop sugar cravings, eat more fruits & vegetables

Self Hypnosis Techniques brings professionally guided hypnosis sessions, which are designed to deliver restful, meaningful, & a relaxing listening experience for better mental health. To provide a more personalized experience, we have added different categories that cover every aspect of hypnotherapy. Use our app to get rid of stress and anxiety, improve your focus, through guided meditation and relaxation, overcome fears and insecurities and start living a peaceful, happy life.

Note: Hypnotherapy involves deeply relaxing the body & tapping into the subconscious mind with the power of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has a wide variety of applications & a multitude of potential benefits. Regular hypnotherapy sessions can completely transform your life and provide the headspace that you require and a sound mental health.

Relax and improve yourself at the same time. I find the relaxation really helps me to slow down and live more deliberately. Mark quickly made it to my top favorite hypno recordings. His soothing voice is his...
Sue Ness
Wonderful hypnosis and great service. The sessions are very relaxing and I love that there are daytime and nighttime options. I had a small issue with a download which was my fault, but it was fixed by Mark ...
Theodora Gould
Quit smoking in one session!
Marcus L. Daub