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About Flowborne - Playful & Relaxed Breathing Meditation

Breathing Made Easy
Flowborne is a science-based guided breathing meditation for everyone. Discover playful breathing exercises in captivating worlds. Learn how to utilize the power of your breath to improve your health. Let your breath be guided by fascinating journeys through serene landscapes that deeply relax your body and mind. Flowborne is a simple but powerful way to calm your mind, relax your body, get rid of stress and improve your focus. Whether you are stressed out, lacking energy, or simply want to take a quick break from your routines, Flowborne enables you to let go and master the art of breathing to live a better and more balanced life.

**Playful and Intuitive**
The most immersive breathing guidance you have ever experienced. Easy to learn and great ease-of-use.

**Created by Psychologists**
Science-based breathing techniques with relaxing virtual worlds based on psychological principles of restoration and meditation.

**Focus on Privacy**
No account. No data collection. Your breath is your privacy.

A Game That Guides Your Breathing
Flowborne provides a more playful and fun way of guided breathing exercises. You can choose from a large variety of breathing exercises for relaxation, sleep, balance, resilience, focus and performance. Each exercise is delivered via one of many immersive virtual journeys. Along each landscape, you follow an ancient path that guides your breathing in an intuitive way.

How Breathing May Change Your Life
Flowborne helps you practice a mindful and healthy breathing style. Numerous scientific studies showcase the positive effects of focused breathing on mental health and well-being. Focused breathing strengthens the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system and thus calms both body and mind. In the long run, improved breathing improves your resilience and enhances your psychophysiological health.

Beautiful and Soothing Worlds
In Flowborne, your breath is guided by serene and deeply relaxing virtual worlds based on psychological principles of restoration and recovery. Balanced and calming color schemes combined with playful particle effects and a relaxing meditative soundtrack gently draw your involuntary attention and allow your mind to focus entirely on your breath. Flowborne delivers a peaceful refuge and helps replenish depleted mental resources in a casual way.

Created by Psychologists
Flowborne was designed and developed by psychologists. It combines scientific evidence regarding breathing, serious games and digital mental health. Years of passionate research of breathing exercises and countless hours of hard work have culminated in what now makes up Flowborne. So much more than just a breathing pacer.

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Love this app. Setting it up to screen share to my TV with a backlight projection (philips hue or equivalent) creates a great ambiance where both my wife and I can do the breathing exercises together. Highly...
Dan Mace