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About Ukufu

Simplify finding and organizing quality content with Ukufu.

Finding useful content can be difficult work. Social Media feeds are chaotic, and regularly going to the same websites can be tedious.

Ukufu delivers and organizes quality content for you, so you can spend more time consuming content, and less time searching for it.

Ukufu also provides a set of tools and features to empower you to have control over this content.

• Browse well defined, frequently updated topic feeds with (30+ topics, new topics always being added)
• Create a home feed based on your favorite topics
• Search for articles based on keyword(s). Simplified search results help you find what you’re looking for quickly.
• Keep track of newly arrived articles
• Save interesting articles to Read Later
• Organize saved articles into folders
• Add a note to saved articles for context

• History
• Share

• Tag saved articles
• Save external content to Read Later
• Audio Summary of articles
• Custom Topics with Ukufu Search
• Offline mode
• Analytics Insight feature
• Customizable Notification feature
• Share folders
• Collaboration tools
• AI trained topics

The word ‘Ukufu’ is a variation of the Zulu word ‘Ukufunda’ which means to learn.

Being a total news junky like me the UKUFU app makes reading and finding content relevant (to my interests) interesting and a total breeze. Highly recommended app with a bunch of useful filing and article cl...
R Cohen
My go to app for being up-to-date with the news around the world and my favorite topics.
Sovit Poudel
Wow. Just wow. Slick, easy solution to my news needs. Loving the new features and can't wait to see where you guys go with this. #loyaluser
Yochai Ohayon