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About Dungeon & Girls: Card RPG

Seek cute girl partners and defeat the monster & boss!

▶ Is it possible to look for romance in dungeons?
- You can seek special partners and upgrade your levels together.

▶ Use the randomly generated cards to explore dungeons!
- It’s all random. But you need to special plan ahead.

▶ Strategical battle using the attack, evade, counter, and focus cards!
- The cards are limited and the choice is to target your attacks.

▶ Strategic changes in player’s job skills!
- You begin out as an explorer, but you will be able to choose other jobs as you adventure deep into the dungeon.

▶ Escape dangers with your partner’s magic skills!
- Your partners have their own unique skills to back you up.

Free card RPG is waiting for you!

※ Dungeon&Girls is a single game where game data is stored on a mobile device. Please note that data cannot be recovered when deleted.

Nice gameplay that's all I can say
Sakuya Kizume
This game is pretty dope
Michael Plays bass
Super easy to play Lovely bright colors
tom s