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About Sdorica -mirage-

【Fantasy Strategy RPG】
Legend has it that the world was once pitch black, all that existed was one giant dragon. Eternity was given to the humans by the giant dragon, but their freedom was deprived...Those enslaved have finally awakened. They went in search of hope, and a knight named "Vendacti" determined to fight against fate...

【Experience a Story of Heroes and Heroines】
Various beasts, an obstinate damsel, a swordsman from the Orient, a female merchant that carries firearms, and many more. Start building your favorite character! Follow the royal princess, Angelia, to protect the kingdom, or follow Leah, the demihuman with rabbit ears and enter the Rune Academy to learn rune magic!

【Collect Magnificent Characters】
Wanna collect all kinds of characters? Sophie, a character done in the Onmyoji style; Kittyeyes, the catty maid; Yamitsuki, the killer that dons a kimono; Fredrica, the sexy witch who's keen on getting married; Law, who claims to be martial arts Grand Master, and many more. Follow these incredible characters and explore continent Vendacti!

【Variety of Unique Gaming Modes】
Sdorica is a classic fantasy strategy RPG that uses the classic team combo of support, attacker, and tank. Remove the orbs strategically to cast spells, save the world, and achieve your fantasy. There are also adorable monsters for you to breed, and a cooperation system that allows you to fight along with friends and guild members. This fun and fascinating gaming experience is awaiting you!

【Massive, Epic Storyline】
Sdorica has an enormous worldview and an unprecedented epic story. Season 1 takes place in the corrupt Kingdom of the Sun that seems perfect on the outside...but darkness lurks within; Season 2 opens up the Desert Kingdom that's constantly engulfed in the flames of war. Besides the compelling storyline, to make the game more lively, we've invited well-known Japanese CVs to do the voices for each character.

【Players can download this game for free】

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Sdorica -mirage-?

Sdorica -mirage- is a fantasy strategy RPG.

What is the storyline of Sdorica -mirage-?

The storyline of Sdorica -mirage- revolves around a world once dominated by a giant dragon, where humans were enslaved and deprived of their freedom. The game follows the awakening of the enslaved humans and their search for hope, led by a knight named "Vendacti".

Can I customize and build my own characters in Sdorica -mirage-?

Yes, you can build your favorite characters in Sdorica -mirage-. The game offers various characters such as beasts, damsels, swordsman, merchants, and more for you to choose from.

What are the unique gaming modes in Sdorica -mirage-?

Sdorica -mirage- offers a classic fantasy strategy RPG gameplay with a team combo of support, attacker, and tank. You can strategically remove orbs to cast spells and save the world. The game also features adorable monsters for breeding and a cooperation system to fight alongside friends and guild members.

What is the scope of the storyline in Sdorica -mirage-?

Sdorica -mirage- has an enormous worldview and a massive, epic storyline. Season 1 takes place in the corrupt Kingdom of the Sun, while Season 2 explores the Desert Kingdom engulfed in war. The game also features well-known Japanese CVs providing voices for each character to enhance the gaming experience.

Is Sdorica -mirage- free to download?

Yes, players can download Sdorica -mirage- for free.
verry nice art <3 good gameplay
Pham Nam
Great design,graphics and characters. Gameplay is innovative
RJ Agravante
Very nice game ❤️
Bojo Banaag
I mindlessly downloaded this game for rayark-loyalty and waifus but somehow instead ended up with a good story and engaging combat?! How dare you trick me into downloading an actually amazing game!
Love itt