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About Alice Closet: Anime Dress Up

"I have been looking forward to meeting you."

*Anime fashion roleplay game, whose character design is Arina Tanemura, is a good choice if you’re fond of this distinctive form of Japanese animation.
*Plenty of fashion styles break the standard dress-up rules
*A dizzy array of clothes available to you, you can be the super stylist and choose your exclusive fashion styles.
*Navigate the fantasy wonderland with eminent voice actors
*Explore the gorgeous world and assume the responsibility of protecting this land with your own Alice
* There are four Alices for you to choose including boy Alice when creating your character
*Take part in interactions set by NPC’s or Ikemen, including messages, telephones, and birthday parties
* Not only can you build and design a house in your own World, but the character customization options are also endless. Operating a shop to meet customer expectations and acquire resources is optional.
* Exclusive art effects and filters also feature a customization tool helping to make your ideal DIY artist persona.

You wake up a mysterious seed named Alice, inadvertently opened the door to a fantasy world.
To find a way back to the original world, you embark on an adventure with the ikemen Shiki. After the intense and gorgeous Alice Contest, a bizarrerie is emerging from the placid continent…
Dress up your own Alice is the key factor to trace the truth.
And, are you ready?


▼Numerous clothes await your selection
Elaborate and unique design highlights your closets.

▼Eminent voice actors accompany with you
Shiki (CV: Kento Ito)
Edgar (CV: Yuki Ono)
Gren (CV: Soichirou Hoshi)
Seilan (CV: Daisuke Hirose)
Chester (CV: Junko Minagawa)
Leticia (CV: Yumiri Hanamori)
Merle (CV: Ai Orikasa)
Jabberwocky (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda)
Bran (CV: Saori Hayami)
Heart Queen (CV: Yu Kobayashi)
Bandersnatch (CV: Kaito Ishikawa)
Kuro (CV: Yusuke Shirai)

The fantasy wonderland residents with different personalities have respective gentleness.

Sincere telephone greetings accompany you during the journey and keep you out of worries for a while.

▼Immersive experience in the scene
Navigate the fantasy land and appreciate its scenery and people.
Explore the world to unlock various scenes and customize your personal story.

▼Create a dreamlike makeover story
Collect luxuriant and exquisite fashion styles, and expand the limitations of a dress-up game.

▼Build a sweet and romantic story
Take Alice to the wonderland and start your fantastic journey!

▼Run your own clothing shop
Carefully select the outfits for your guests to meet their requirements and receive the thumbs-up to upgrade your shop and get great rewards!

▼Recommended Players
This is an otome romance dress-up game recommended if:
• You love otome romance games.
• You enjoy dress-up games.
• You like Japanese anime-style illustrations.
• You’d love to encounter with ikemen in the game world.

■Get information about Alice Closet or contact us at:
• Facebook Official Homepage :
• Twitter:
• Reddit:
• Customer Service Email: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Alice Closet?

Alice Closet is an anime fashion roleplay game featuring character designs by Arina Tanemura.

What kind of fashion styles are available in Alice Closet?

Alice Closet breaks the standard dress-up rules with plenty of diverse fashion styles available for players to choose from.

Can players customize their own characters in Alice Closet?

Yes, players can choose from four different Alices, including a boy Alice, when creating their characters.

Are there voice actors in Alice Closet?

Yes, there are eminent voice actors accompanying players, including Shiki, Edgar, Gren, Seilan, Chester, Leticia, Merle, Jabberwocky, Bran, Heart Queen, Bandersnatch, and Kuro.

What kind of interactions can players have in Alice Closet?

Players can take part in interactions set by NPC’s or Ikemen, including messages, telephones, and birthday parties.

Is there a housing feature in Alice Closet?

Yes, players can build and design a house in their own world.

Can players run their own clothing shop in Alice Closet?

Yes, players can operate a shop to meet customer expectations and acquire resources, and can receive rewards for meeting customer requirements.

Who would enjoy playing Alice Closet?

Alice Closet is recommended for those who love otome romance games, enjoy dress-up games, like Japanese anime-style illustrations, and would love to encounter ikemen in the game world.

Where can players get more information about Alice Closet?

Players can visit the Facebook Official Homepage, Twitter, Reddit, or contact customer service by email at [email protected].
Helping characters in this game design their fashion outfits and dresses is sorelaxing"
Jessica S.
This adventure game tells a touching and romantic story.
Giselle Ivette
The costume designer behind the distinctive style is my new idol! I love all clothes in this game
Amy Eaton
This game features couture moments which makes me screaming. Fashion costumesare so gorgeous"
Nickle Becraft
Alice embraced the game's aesthetic. The fashion part is fantastic
Warrior Clemmer
This is going to be one of the best dressingup makeover games of 2021 for sure.