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About PsyTests

This APP contains psychological tests about several issues that patients often consult to every professional in Psychology. Its content is simple to understand and very useful. You will be able to learn, consult, and evaluate many characteristics about your personality and also if you suffer from anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, addiction problems, etc. In addition, there is helpful information about love, related subjects about relationships, about who you are and how your psyche works.
All the tests of this APP have been developed thanks to the hard work together of a group of Professionals of Psychology.
Choose a test and start to know more about yourself.

Good to see that I'm not that loony and psychologist feels relatively the same as I.. and its seems to help life go more smooth
Brian y Susana Hoyt
Wonderful app! Very insightful. I'd recommend to anyone!
Annie Ross
I love this app
Michael Robinson