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About Psychometrica Test Personality

Take science-based psychometric tests to learn your personality type, IQ score, ethical values, character strengths and more – we keep adding new tests.

Psychometrica is the official self-discovery application of the Psychometric Institute of Canada, a non-profit organization based in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Psychometrica is committed to aggregating the most reliable psychometric tests developed by psychology experts. We enable our users to learn more about themselves and engage in introspection by making science-based tests available at no cost in an intuitive form.

One of our key objectives is to support independent researchers all over the world in making their scientific achievements accessible to the broader public.

We are associated with several top academic research facilities and universities including SRH Hochschule Heidelberg (Germany), Eötvös Loránd University Budapest (Hungary), and Universidade São Francisco Itatuba (Brazil).

Our tests and quizzes are based on a subfield of psychology called “psychometrics”. They are backed by many years of research, and some have already been taken by over 30 million people!

They enable users to get to know themselves better, set out on a journey towards self-discovery, and develop themselves.

Our ongoing collaboration with scientific institutions and researchers allows us to continuously expand our psychometrics tests selection, which means you get access only to the top, global science-based quizzes.

The Swiss 16 PT test assigns a personality type based on theories by Carl Gustav Jung used in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (known as the MBTI test).

The MV2G test measures intelligence and determines an IQ score by using a variety of question types with a focus on pattern recognition skills. It is a reliable indicator of a person's intelligence and mainly assesses mathematical-arithmetic, verbal-logical and visual-spatial abilities.

The Love Style Test analyzes your approach to romantic relationships. It is based on research by C. and S. Hendrick and the Love Scale Quiz developed by Dr. Terry Hatkoff.

The Ethical Values test determines moral principles based on 16 values, which are largely aligned with the values behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Character Trait Window, based on the Johari Window, provides an analysis of a person’s relationship with their own self and the people in their life.

The Emotional Intelligence Test calculates an EQ score by measuring five main dimensions of emotional capabilities such as management of self and others.

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