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About Orchestly

Presenting the android version of the business orchestration software Orchestly.

Business processes can get complex and involve the participation of multiple teams. This can cause confusion. People might not know exactly where their role begins and ends. Orchestly eliminates this confusion by bringing everyone involved to a single platform. In this app, you can:

Create Jobs, edit them, and perform transitions
View Reports
View Blueprints

What it is
Orchestly is a business orchestration software that helps automate, manage, and optimize your business processes. It lets users monitor their daily workflows with the help of typical blueprints and reports.

What it does
Orchestly follows simple commands to track workflows and ensure efficiency. You can submit requests, analyze Reports, and track the past, present, and future statuses of uploaded Jobs. It informs you of the exact status of your activities, gives you updates, and helps you get your job done quickly.

Inside Orchestly

Layouts - This is where you collect all the information needed to run a process. For example, a ticket booking process may need the travellers’ names and trip dates. Layouts captures this data. From here, it can be accessed, viewed, and modified at different stages of the process.

Blueprints - This is the flowchart that defines the different stages of a process and how to transition between them. You can create Blueprints using a simple drag and drop interface—no coding needed. The conditions for transitioning, who is in charge, and who should be notified can all be set in advance.

Jobs - Every time a request is submitted for a Layout, a Job is created. It begins when a user inputs information into the Layout and ends when it reaches the last stage in the Blueprint.

Reports: Reports gives you the information needed to optimize processes. Individual Reports indicate which stages take the most time, which have been used the most, which users complete stages quickly, and so on. You get four customizable Reports. You can also create your own Reports based on the parameters of your choice.

Visit on your computer, to create and view Layouts and edit Blueprints.

Approvals and follow-ups shouldn't keep you from completing your tasks on time. Enable notifications and track your processes on the go with our android app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Orchestly?

Orchestly is a business orchestration software that helps automate, manage, and optimize your business processes.

What can I do with Orchestly app?

With the Orchestly app, you can create jobs, edit them, perform transitions, view reports, and view blueprints.

How does Orchestly help eliminate confusion in business processes?

Orchestly brings everyone involved in a business process to a single platform, eliminating confusion by defining roles and responsibilities.

What are layouts in Orchestly?

Layouts in Orchestly collect all the information needed to run a process, such as traveler's names and trip dates in a ticket booking process.

How can I create blueprints in Orchestly?

You can create blueprints in Orchestly using a simple drag and drop interface, without the need for coding.

What is the purpose of reports in Orchestly?

Reports in Orchestly provide information to optimize processes, such as identifying stages that take the most time or users who complete stages quickly.

Can I access Orchestly on my computer?

Yes, you can visit on your computer to create and view layouts, and edit blueprints.

Can I track my processes on the go with Orchestly?

Yes, you can enable notifications and track your processes on the go using the Orchestly android app.
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