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About Zoho WorkDrive

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Zoho WorkDrive is a file sync, storage and content collaboration platform for modern teams and businesses. Zoho WorkDrive lets you organize and manage your organization/team files seamlessly.
Files are organized and stored in dedicated Team Folders. Each Team Folder is created based on project, task, team, or department. Only permitted members will be able to read, write, or comment on the files. And all the members of a Team Folder will be notified of changes to any of the files in that folder.
A file in a team folder becomes visible to everyone only when it is marked as complete.
Here’s what you can do with the Work Drive app:

Create Team Folders

Team Folders are private workspaces which are used for specific projects or tasks or by dedicated teams or departments.

Add members to Team Folders

Start collaborating by adding coworkers to Team Folders. You can choose to provide read, comment or write access.

Set sub-folder permissions

You can choose which team member can access which sub-folder within a Team Folder. You can also choose to grant higher permission to specific team member within a Team Folder if required.

Create Public Team Folders

Anyone in the organization can discover and join public folders.

Contextual and global notifications

Team members will receive notifications every time a file/folder is shared then, when they're @mentioned or invited to a team folder, and also about public team folders that are relevant to them. Contextual notifications indicate changes made within a team folder.

Share externally

You can share files with those who are outside of the organization as well. Generate password-protected links and set expiry dates for sharing files externally.
If you have any questions or comments, please write to [email protected]. We'll be happy to help.

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Superb app to keep your files safe and secured.
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😍 really helpful app