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About Voovo

It has always been extremely time consuming to create flashcards… NOT ANYMORE! Voovo lets you create 150+ flashcards in under 30 seconds!


Voovo is the first application to use several innovative ways to create flashcards. We primarily use text locating/analysing algorithms and VOICE to speed up the process. So far people could only use text and picture flashcards, which take a significant amount of time to make and can't be created simultaneously while reading the text book.


- 3 innovative ways to create flashcards + simple flashcard creation.

Voice card

Our voice card is an innovative new way to make flashcards. Instead of typing in the question and the answer, you can use your voice to do the same. Making voice cards is 3-5 times faster than creating simple flashcards.

Diagram cards

Diagram cards are the fastest way to make flashcards. This method allows you to make more than 300 cards in just one minute. You simply take a picture of a diagram, using a text locating algorithm we find all the text on it, we put it into text boxes, and you can select the information you want to hide. This way you can reach 300+ flashcards per one minute.

Fill in the blank cards

In fill in the blank cards, instead of writing the answer, you choose the words, that you want to hide in the question. Very useful for definitions or memorising paragraphs. Furthermore with the text analysing algorithm we use, it takes a few second to import any text from a photo of a definition or paragraph and then you simply select the words you want to hide.

Simple flashcards

The very well known question and answer combination. You can add text, images to your flashcards.

- Unlimited file system where you can easily organise subjects and topics.

- Minimalistic, easy to use design.

- Built in spaced repetition algorithm to maximise your retention.

- A cloud storage system to never lose your studying material and to possibly study on multiple devices.


Studies show that connecting an information to something else in your brain helps you to remember that information for much longer. To every card in Voovo you can add an insight, this can be little story that helps you remember or just a word that instantly triggers that memory in your brain… Furthermore you can use insight to add example sentences, additional information or just some fun facts to any flashcard of your choice.


You can start a study session at any level of our file system. This means you can study very braud or extremely specific topics. The application asks you to recall the information on each flashcard, you can check the answer afterwards. Once you see what the answer is, there are 4 options to choose from, each representing a level of knowledge. The algorithm is based on your interactions, the cards you know better will be recalled less frequently, the cards you struggle with will pop up more often.


Memory studies have shown that spaced repetition is one of the best ways to build up memory and increase recall rates. This algorithm helps to ensure that the flashcard is shown at the perfect moment, allowing you to “top up” your memory at just the right time. Customer reviews suggest that the best spaced repetition algorithm out there is Anki’s, that is the one we chose to use.

Even though active recall and spaced repetition are the -scientifically proven- two most efficient learning strategies, very few students take advantage of them. The easiest way to practice these two strategies is by creating and using flashcards.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does Voovo create flashcards so quickly?

Voovo uses text locating/analyzing algorithms and voice recognition to speed up the process of creating flashcards.

What are the different ways to create flashcards with Voovo?

Voovo offers three innovative ways to create flashcards: voice cards, diagram cards, and fill in the blank cards. There is also a simple flashcard option.

What is a voice card?

A voice card is an innovative feature in Voovo that allows users to create flashcards by using their voice instead of typing. It is 3-5 times faster than creating simple flashcards.

How do diagram cards work?

Diagram cards allow users to take a picture of a diagram, which is then analyzed using a text locating algorithm. Text from the diagram is put into text boxes, and users can select the information they want to hide to create flashcards. This method can create more than 300 cards in just one minute.

What are fill in the blank cards?

Fill in the blank cards are flashcards where users choose the words they want to hide in the question. This is useful for definitions or memorizing paragraphs. Voovo's text analyzing algorithm can import text from a photo and users can easily select the words they want to hide.

What features does Voovo offer besides flashcard creation?

Voovo offers an unlimited file system for organizing subjects and topics, a minimalistic and easy-to-use design, a built-in spaced repetition algorithm to maximize retention, and a cloud storage system for accessing study materials on multiple devices.

What can be added to flashcards in Voovo?

Users can add insights, which can be stories or triggers that help remember information. Insight can also be used to add example sentences, additional information, or fun facts to any flashcard.

How does studying with Voovo work?

Users can start a study session at any level of the file system and are asked to recall information on each flashcard. After checking the answer, users can choose from four options representing different levels of knowledge. The algorithm adjusts the frequency of recalling cards based on user interactions.

What algorithm does Voovo use for spaced repetition?

Voovo uses Anki's spaced repetition algorithm, which is known as one of the best for maximizing memory retention and recall rates.

Why are flashcards considered efficient learning strategies?

Flashcards allow for active recall and spaced repetition, which are scientifically proven to be two of the most efficient learning strategies. However, only a few students take advantage of these strategies, and using flashcards is an easy way to incorporate them into studying.