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About Prehab

Access state of the art physical therapy, fitness programs, and workouts online in the comforts of your own home or gym! [P]rehab is a team of world renown Doctors of Physical Therapy & Certified Strength Coaches dedicated to helping you take control of your health with exercise & education from the palm of your hand.

The Prehab app is the anti-barrier solution to keeping your body healthy. Prehab programs & workouts are safe & effective; they feature preventative rehabilitation exercises & education that teach you how to get out of pain, avoid injury, and optimize your health.

• Avoid common problems associated with going through the traditional healthcare system
• Save an average of $2,800 with easy-to-access exercise & education material compared to your average costs of in-person healthcare services for a similar duration.

• Learn how to exercise properly to get out of pain, avoid future injuries and maximize your performance & health.
• Easy to digest physical therapy education videos & resources to learn about your body

• Zero wait times, no hidden fees, no barriers to entry!
• Remember, these programs are available to you at your fingertips from
anywhere in the world

1. 50+ Programs - Unlimited access built on principles of load management, specificity, progressive overload, muscle group ratios, and many more scientific principles
2. 80+ Classes - Follow along class style videos led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy or a Strength Coach
3. 100+ unique workouts - Mobility, warm up, strength, performance & more!
4. 3000+ Exercise Video Library - Search through detailed step-by-step instructional videos that teach you how to move properly, perform, what to feel, and which mistakes to avoid.
5. BodyScan - Find your perfect program with the help of our intake BodyScam built to pinpoint exact solution for your needs.
6. Custom Workout Builder - Build your own custom workouts & save your favorite exercises/routines
7. Programming that fits you - Choose from rehab, prehab, mobility, performance, and fitness programs
8. Alternate Exercises - every exercise can be swapped to an alternative exercise if its too challenging
9. Growing Library - New exercises, programs, workouts and guides added regularly so you always have fresh content to consume.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Prehab?

Prehab is a team of Doctors of Physical Therapy & Certified Strength Coaches who provide online physical therapy, fitness programs, and workouts to help you improve your health.

How can Prehab help me?

Prehab can help you by providing safe and effective exercises and educational material to get out of pain, prevent injuries, and optimize your health.

Can Prehab help me avoid the traditional healthcare system?

Yes, Prehab can help you avoid common problems associated with the traditional healthcare system and save money compared to in-person healthcare services.

How can I learn to exercise properly with Prehab?

Prehab offers easy-to-digest physical therapy education videos and resources to teach you how to exercise properly and avoid future injuries.

Can I access Prehab programs from anywhere?

Yes, Prehab programs are available to you at your fingertips from anywhere in the world with zero wait times and no hidden fees.

What are the key features of Prehab?

The key features of Prehab include 50+ programs, 80+ classes, 100+ unique workouts, a 3000+ exercise video library, BodyScan for personalized programs, a custom workout builder, programming options, alternate exercises, and a growing library of fresh content.

How can I find the right program for my needs with Prehab?

Prehab offers a BodyScan feature that helps pinpoint the exact solution for your needs and find your perfect program.

Can I customize my workouts with Prehab?

Yes, you can build your own custom workouts and save your favorite exercises and routines with Prehab.

Is there new content added regularly to Prehab?

Yes, Prehab regularly adds new exercises, programs, workouts, and guides to ensure you always have fresh content to consume.