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About PhysiApp®

To start using this app, ask your healthcare practitioner to design & assign your home exercise program for you in Physitrack.

The PhysiApp® app lets you download your PhysiApp home exercise program to your Android phone.

Once you've installed this app on your Android phone, all you need to do is login to the app with the access code that you received from your healthcare provider.

Next, you can download your custom-made home exercise program, consisting of high-definition, clearly narrated exercise videos. You can even use Chromecast to play the videos on your Chromecast device.

From now, you will know exactly which exercises have been prescribed to you, and how you are supposed to perform them.

With PhysiApp, you can securely report back to your physiotherapist or chiropractor how much you completed of a given exercise, and if you felt any pain.

PhysiApp lets your physiotherapist or chiropractor track your progress in detail, and intervene if necessary.

Anne Billinghurst
It was hard for me to bring it up on my device for some reason, but once we were connected, it was good and profitable for me to keep doing my exercises! Ashley showed genuine concern for my pain issues. I w...
Donna Smith
Extremely useful
Ross Hawkins