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About KARMA Search

With KARMA your internet searches fund non-profit organizations, for free!

The KARMA Search application allows you to browse the web as usual while helping to improve biodiversity and animal welfare.

The KARMA Search app is based on the Firefox open-source technology, so you can be sure to always benefit from a secure and up-to-date browser.

Download the KARMA Search app and start protecting life on Earth!

➤ Application features


That’s what you need from a browser, that’s what you get from KARMA! Our browser is blazing fast and as secure as it gets.


Protect your privacy with the private mode and our best-in-class tracker blocker built-in.


If you are a night owl, dark mode might be handy. So we made it available for you to use 🦉


Shortcuts and auto suggestions based on your navigation history are available to save you time.


In addition to funding nonprofits while you browse the web, our Learn & Act module enables you to get the latest news and empowers you to act for biodiversity and animal welfare: petitions, concrete steps to have a positive impact, opportunities to volunteer… We pick the best resources for you so you can access it in one click from our app!

➤ How it works

KARMA works just like your usual search engine. Except we redistribute 50% of our revenues to non-profits. You just keep on searching the web as usual, and we donate revenue from sponsored links to non-profit organizations working to protect biodiversity and animal welfare.

We use the same best-in-class algorithms as other leading search engines so you can find what you’re looking for in a snap. We promise you'll love it!

➤ Privacy friendly

KARMA doesn’t use your search queries to create a profile of you or to track you on the web. And we don’t sell your data to third parties.

➤ Transparent

We publish all our donation certificates and financial reports. You can also have a look at our transparent roadmap here:

➤ Sustainable

We use providers with zero or low CO2 emissions. Any emissions are then offset through trustworthy offset programs. KARMA is working towards becoming carbon negative in the coming years.

🌍 Start changing the world, one search at a time! 🌍

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