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About Agapé - Relationship Wellness

Agapé [ah-gah-pay]: The new way to say, “I love you” that will make + keep billions happy. With just 1 question a day, you can nurture a happy, mindful, beautiful life.

Agapé is a relationship wellness app that makes it easy for you to feel and show love! You start your day with a daily question that sparks either meaningful conversation or insightful self reflection with personalized feedback.

Each question is based on decades of research and chosen specifically for you. Agapé’s questions are fun, exciting, and sometimes even spicey! If you use Agapé with a partner, you’ll be able to see some of each other's responses. Although Agapé is easy and only takes a minute a day, it has a tremendous effect on relationships. 97% of couples that we’ve surveyed report Agapé positively affecting their relationship.

In addition to the personalization done by our question algorithm, you can further personalize your experience by opting into dozens of optional themes. Such as:

Example: Give your partner a sexual dare that the two of you could do together.

Example: What do you miss most about your partner when you are not together?

Example: What are you most excited about after the baby comes?

Example: If you could make a special wedding vow to your partner that only he or she would hear, what would it be?

Example: What is a book, reading, passage or verse that had a profound impact on your own path?

Example: What are some of your biggest financial goals or aspirations?

Example: What is something small you could do to try to protect your relationship from the stress of chronic illness?

Example: What is one of the ways your partner really impresses you as a parent?

And more!

Anyone who believes in love! You can use Agapé if you’re single, focusing on self-love, or if you’re in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you can use Agapé with a partner or by yourself.

Agapé [ah-gah-pay] is a Greek word for unconditional love. At Agapé we believe love is everything. It’s the foundation of all things good in humanity, the catalyst for societal progress and the nucleus of human desire. That’s why we’ve created a relationship wellness app to make it easy for you to feel + show love.

Relationship wellness is the process of actively shifting your mindset, making choices, and pursuing activities to strengthen and enrich your relationships, both romantic, familial, and platonic.

A common misconception is that relationship wellness is best suited for those who are experiencing some sort of dysfunction. But just like the gym isn't exclusive to individuals who are out of shape, relationship wellness should never be limited to individuals who have relationship issues.

Everyone should be actively practicing relationship wellness. Agapé makes it both easy AND fun.

Agapé is free to download and free to use. Agapé is not one of those apps that hides all their features behind a paywall. You can benefit from Agapé even if you can't afford to support us financially.

Daily questions are free but syncing your questions with your partner and seeing their responses is a premium feature. In addition to the shared questions, premium users get access to dozens of themed categories like parenting and sex, to further personalize their experience.

For a limited time only, we have a generous free trial of all premium features. It’s a 7 day free trial and you can earn an extra 7 days for every person you share Agapé with that signs up with your link.

Our free trial requires no payment information, so you don’t have to worry about getting auto-charged after your free trial ends. Our free trial of Agapé Premium is completely risk free!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Agapé?

Agapé is a relationship wellness app that helps you nurture a happy and mindful life by asking you a daily question and providing personalized feedback.

How does Agapé work?

Agapé starts your day with a daily question that prompts meaningful conversations or self-reflection. The questions are based on research and personalized for you. If you use Agapé with a partner, you can see each other's responses.

What are the themes offered by Agapé?

Agapé offers optional themed categories such as sex, long-distance relationships, pregnancy, engaged, religious, managing finances, coping with illness, and parenting, among others.

Who can use Agapé?

Agapé can be used by anyone who believes in love. It is suitable for single individuals focusing on self-love, as well as those in relationships, either with a partner or by themselves.

Why should I choose Agapé?

Agapé believes in unconditional love and aims to make it easy for you to feel and show love. The app is designed for relationship wellness and can have a positive impact on your relationships.

What is relationship wellness?

Relationship wellness refers to actively shifting your mindset, making choices, and engaging in activities to strengthen and enrich your relationships, whether they are romantic, familial, or platonic.

Is Agapé free to use?

Agapé is free to download and use. Daily questions are free, but syncing questions with your partner and viewing their responses is a premium feature. Premium users also have access to themed categories.

How does the free trial of Agapé Premium work?

Agapé offers a 7-day free trial of all premium features. You can earn an extra 7 days for every person you share Agapé with who signs up using your referral link. No payment information is required for the free trial.
I love engaging with my spouse regularly through Agape. It's a good reminder to reflect and communicate meaningfully in the midst of our busy lives.
Noa Simons
Really good and nice app, little glitchy from time to time, which I hope will be fixed in the future.
In just a minute or two each day, the prompts help me put into words things I feel but rarely say to my girlfriend. Love it! It makes us both smile every day! I have used this app since a very early beta. Ag...
David Brenner