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About PenCake - Note, Diary, Journal, Writer

Dive into your story –

The world is full of stories. The most precious story among them is your story. Everything about you is a story. There are countless stories about you such as daily life, travel, childcare, hobbies, thoughts, memos, novels, and so on. Put all of this in Pencake. Pencake offers a minimal UI so you can focus on your story. So you can keep all your stories neat and beautiful. Record your story with Pencake as if you were recording your moments in life with pictures and videos. And keep it and reminisce about it.

Pencake is composed of stories and articles. Multiple articles come together and become one story. In Pencake you can create multiple stories by topic. Write and keep your various stories in Pencake.

Pencake is constantly evolving. Your feedback is important to be a better app. Particularly praise is a great help to development. Please leave a lot of reviews. And please share Pencake with your friends. Hope you enjoy Pencake! :-)

(You will be writing something again and again.)

- Clean and minimal UI
- High readability
- Convenient folder
- Adding photos
- Inserting photos into body
- Sync with Google Drive
- Auto sync (Premium)
- Night mode (Premium)
- Fingerprint (Premium)
- Passcode
- No lag even in a long article
- Font size
- Setting font types (Serif + Sans Serif)
- Trash can
- Version history and restoring a previous article
- Diary for past
- Sorting articles
- Backup / restore
- Export as txt and zip
- Landscape mode
- Multi window
- Word count (+ character count)
- Alignment: left, center
- Extended keyboard (tool bar)
- enter a pair of quotation marks and parentheses
- enter the time, an ellipsis, and a bullet
- navigate paragraphs
- insert a photo
- preview

Some features are available in Premium.


Please help translate into your language!

Check the UPDATE PLAN and VOTE what you want.

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Simple. I like it.
Dan Fonseca
Hey the app is pretty perfect and all - just read the other reviews I have nothing to add - after using it for a bit I just bought premium. Can strongly recommend.
Gabriel Bhering
I just bought the premium, but I wonders, can I use the apps in different devices, or more than 1 device?
Noor Muokhni