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About FitRunner

Running is boring? Not with FitRunner!
Benefit from our community based Training Plans to make running more fun and challenging. No matter if you just start to run or you are experienced marathon runner, you will find a Plan what matches with your goals. Just select your training days and FitRunner will create personalized training schedule for you. Are you experienced runner? Create your own Training Plan that will perfectly fit your goals and share it with other FitRunners!

Choose Training Plan matching your personal goal (5K, 10K, half-marathon, marathon, etc.) and personalize it with custom Training Zones, schedule and more.

FitRunner provides voice feedback during training to help you sticking to your goals. You do not have to worry about your pace anymore, Voice Coach do it for you.

Quickly create custom workouts (Intervals, Progressive Runs etc.) to diversify your training schedule.

Easy tracking of workout statistics like distance, duration, pace, calories burned and more.

FitRunner is free to use but some of the features are unlocked with the purchase of Premium Membership or watching an ad.
Continued use of GPS in the background can decrease battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FitRunner?

FitRunner is an app that offers community-based Training Plans and features to make running more enjoyable and challenging.

What types of Training Plans are available on FitRunner?

FitRunner offers Training Plans for various goals, such as 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon, among others.

Can I personalize my Training Plan on FitRunner?

Yes, you can personalize your Training Plan on FitRunner by customizing Training Zones, schedule, and more.

Does FitRunner provide voice guidance during training?

Yes, FitRunner provides voice feedback during training to help you stick to your goals and track your pace.

Can I create custom workouts on FitRunner?

Absolutely, FitRunner allows you to quickly create custom workouts such as Intervals and Progressive Runs to diversify your training schedule.

What workout statistics can I track on FitRunner?

FitRunner allows you to easily track workout statistics such as distance, duration, pace, and calories burned, among others.

Is FitRunner free to use?

FitRunner is free to use, but certain features can be unlocked with the purchase of a Premium Membership or by watching ads.

Will using GPS in the background affect my battery life?

Yes, continued use of GPS in the background can decrease battery life.