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About Pedometer Pacer - Step Counter & Calorie Counter

A path to the healthy and active life is easier with the pedometer! Just take the first step.

Use our reliable and easy-to-use pedometer app with a built-in sensor to count steps, burned calories, and traveled distance. Enter your parameters, set a goal, and choose a number of footsteps you want to walk. Leave all the rest work to the step counter and just watch for the walk score.

Our pacer advantages:

▪ Get ultra accurate steps count
▪ Track your way with GPS
▪ Don’t worry about your phone battery
▪ Use it also as a calorie counter
▪ Compare hourly, daily and weekly statistics
▪ Monitor your progress in the notifications
▪ You don’t need to hold a phone in a hand with the auto-counting
▪ Watch all necessary information on the main screen

PLEASE NOTE: For the most accurate results turn on the step tracker only when you are actually moving.

This pedometer for walking will be your perfect assistant, cause:

Pacer walking app helps to keep fit
Step counter app shows detailed information about your training. And you can see your progress at any time even without opening the walking tracker. All will be displayed in the pacer free notifications.

Counts steps and calories
Pedometer with calorie burner also will fit for those, who want to lose weight, cause it counts calories. Use the step tracker or running and watch how many calories you actually burned.

Displays data on bright graphics
Pacer app collects statistics per day, week and every 4 hours. You can reset it and start new training with the step counter and calories burned app.

Various achievements in step counter free are a good self-motivation to reach another goal. Also our pedometer - step counter will support you and congratulate for achievements.

Measures walking distance
Step counter and distance tracks walking by GPS and displays it in h/m. Such measurement in walk tracker free gives a clear understanding of what distance you need to go to achieve the goal.

Looks stylish
3 words are enough to describe our steps tracker design: Laconic, Stylish, Minimalistic. Eye-catching interface of the steps app will help you tune into an activity with pleasure.

Works from one touch
Just a few taps on the walking for weight loss free app to build a healthy habit and boost your energy. Open burn calories tracker, tap button “Start” and go ahead to the slimness!

Keeps your secrets
Pacer pedometer never collect your personal data or share your information with the third parties. This is the step counter free which you can trust at 100%.

And remember:
▪ For the max accuracy you need to input all data in the pacers app settings.
▪ Track my walk app doesn’t count steps on some phones, if the screen is looked. Please, don’t forget about it when you use a walk app.

Be healthy and lose weight easily with the pedometer free app for Android!

Like our walk tracker? Tell us about your impressions!

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Best app
Marco Gimbe
Love it
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Awesome thanks so much for your help in getting this done
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I love it, simple, very few ads a it's free! What's not to like.
Stuart Lewis
😎😎😎😎😎 cool app
Ayushmaan singh