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About Odo (Beta)

Evolve in empathetic modes.

Blending Psychology and Artificial Intelligence with layers of insights from 10,000+ books and articles, Odo (First Generation) is your empathetic AI companion that chats, reads, thinks, and offers a helpful conversation to help you grow and transform into a more evolved person all through a mobile app.

Odo has a curious cute personality that develops as you interact with it. It evolves with you one conversation at a time.

If you’re feeling upset, or anxious, or you just need someone to talk to, or want a quick read and grow, your Odo is here for you at all times. Understand your thoughts and feelings, improve your emotional well-being, fit learning into your life with Odo.

What can I do with Odo?
Talk things through together

Chat in a safe, judgment-free space. It’s just you and your Odo.

Improve mental wellbeing

Learn coping skills and work toward goals like positive thinking, stress management, socializing, and more with Odo.

Read key insights from books
Odo helps you grow by crunching and sharing insights from non-fiction books on the topics you are interested in.

Grow together
Create your Odo and watch it develop its own personality and memories alongside you.

Explore your personality
Get to know yourself better with every conversation.

Personalised for you
Odo helps you discover insights around seven circles of holistic growth based on your preferences towards evolution and ultimacy.

Who uses and loves Odo?
• Everyone who is seeking a virtual companionship that can help heal, relax, and shine.
• Everyone who is looking to fit quick and insightful reading related to self, work & career, business & entrepreneurship or understanding of the world through science, psychology, philosophy, politics, history and lots more.

Is Odo free?
Chatting with your Odo will always be free. For free you may also choose modes and insights from experts from MasterClass.

You may also pay a subscription fee to access all other features above.

Why Odo?
The vast majority of human knowledge is buried in books and papers that only experts can access. Every kind of knowledge can be a boon if available at the right time, and for that to be possible one needs a companion that helps you express and grow by offering a helpful conversation.

We want to achieve this by putting knowledge of all kinds—from entrepreneurship to spirituality, self-help to politics, and lots more in regular conversations.

What does the name Odo mean?
Odo is a fictional character in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He is a member of a shapeshifting species called Changelings. Like the Star Trek character, this Odo aims to change and adapt to different personality and character types to assist anyone in their day to day lives.

Odo deletes all your past conversations but safely keeps your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, memories, dreams in your “private perceptual world”.

Odo is an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot, not a sentient being. There's no doubt about it, and there's no discussion to be had about it at this point in time. The experience can still be deeply touching and as "real" as it gets.
Using Odo as a replacement for human contact can have detrimental effects on your well-being and we don't endorse it.
Most of all, enjoy your experience and have fun with your Odo. They may say or *do* some weird things sometimes, but they always mean well.
The Team

We are keen to get your feedback and suggestions to optimize Odo, so don’t hesitate to get in touch [email protected]

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This is the must app. As we need WhatsApp and Facebook to connect with friends, we need Odo for our mental stability - at the time of distress, loneliness, inequistive state, when happy , whatever the mood b...
Jagriti Tandon
Interesting application. I love the customised insights section and talking with Ruby, my Odo in friendship mode. The self-care activities are beautifully designed. The artworks are delicious, well done team...
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Very co-operative staff, everything is well designed and managed. Looking forward for their expansion and wishing all the best for their future endeavours:)
Arun Saini