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About SomNote - Beautiful note app

Beautifully designed private journal app ever!

SomNote is the best journal app that over 3+ million users already picked! Along with a beautifully designed user interfaces, it offers high-speed access. Moreover, you can change fonts for free and it allows you to attach pictures or documents on the journals. Journals and attached files can be automatically synced so you can view it on all your devices, including PCs and iPads. Synced journals and files can be restored safely even after you've reformatted your devices. The future of journal is in SomNote. Check it out now!

★ Features

- Taking a journal: Take journals and edit with SomNote. You can take pictures and attach it and also put a picture you draw yourself into a note. Wanna read pdf and text files? Just pull it from PC and read it on your mobile device.

- Making a folder: Folder feature is now included in SomNote. Make any folder in any color and name you like - categorize all your notes according to your taste.

- Protecting your secret: SomNote will protect your journals. You can lock your journal, folder, and even SomNote itself. Keep your secret journals safe from others with ease!

- Finding your journals: You can find every journal with the search menu. It will instantly highlight every note and folder simultaneously as you type what you want to find.

★ Extra features

- Auto sync: Every journal and file written and attached in SomNote will be synced automatically after you log-in. SomNote will keep everything you write safely even if you initialize or lose your mobile.

- Theme: Meet special SomNote, picking up themes designed in various ways.

- Font: Four beautiful fonts are waiting for you in the setting menu in addition to basic system fonts and more gorgeous fonts are coming. Stay tune with SomNote!

- Sort: You can sort your journals by a date and alphabetical order and we will add more sorting methods steadily.

- Restore: When you activate automatic backup, you can restore a deleted note from the trash. Try it on SomNote web.

If you have any problem or question about SomNote, please contact us by email below. We will always answer your question and help you use SomNote better everyday!

- User suppport: [email protected]
- SomNote web:


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SomNote?

SomNote is a beautiful and feature-rich note app that allows users to create and organize journals, attach pictures and documents, and sync them across multiple devices.

How many users does SomNote have?

SomNote has over 3+ million users.

What features does SomNote offer?

SomNote offers features such as taking journals, attaching pictures and documents, creating folders, protecting journals with passwords, searching for journals, auto-syncing, various themes and fonts, sorting journals, and restoring deleted notes.

Can SomNote be accessed on different devices?

Yes, SomNote can be accessed on all your devices, including PCs and iPads. Journals and attached files are automatically synced across devices.

How can I contact the support team of SomNote?

You can contact the SomNote support team by email at [email protected].

Is there a web version of SomNote?

Yes, there is a web version of SomNote available at
Superb !
Tan Boon Chong
Great app
Saidul Islam007
Very good. It's useful.
A Google user
It's nice, but I think it needs to be added more features
Zona Sekolah
It is fantastic! Easy to use, organized. I keep notes, medical, grocery shopping, sermon notes, daily routines with meditation poems. It frees my mind to work on current projects without losing my thoughts o...
Barbara Arntzen
Good app
Khairizal Rissha Ismail